January 17, 2012 – EcoPeace’s Response to the French Parliament’s Report

In Response to the French Parliament’s Report on the Policies of Water Allocation in the West Bank, EcoPeace Middle East calls on the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority to Negotiate a New Water Accord

January 17, 2012

Following the French Parliament’s Report on the policies of water allocation in the West Bank, Gidon Bromberg, Israeli Director of EcoPeace Middle East, says: “The report highlights the tremendous importance of promoting a solution acceptable to both peoples on the issue of water. On the other hand, instead of igniting the region on an issue where it is clear that an agreement can be reached, the governments need to urgently advance a solution that would serve the interests of both sides – meeting the water supply needs for Palestinians, as well as management of sewage and wastewater that affects the Israeli side.

Nader Khateeb, Palestinian Director of EcoPeace Middle East, adds: “The present arrangement of the Oslo-Joint Water Committee has failed terribly. We need to reach an agreement that allows the Palestinians to secure their water rights that will ensure a fair share in the transboundary groundwater and surface water resources, and to jointly manage these shared water resources on both sides of the Green Line, according to the Model Water Accord put forth by EcoPeace Middle East”.

The Model was prepared for the organization by water experts, Dr. David Brooks and Dr. Julie Trottier, who specialize in the water aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A first draft of the Model was published in November 2010. The Model suggests a new system of joint management of all shared water sources between Israelis and Palestinians, in a way that allows for a more balanced and fair allocation of this important resource for the benefit of the Palestinians, and with an emphasis on environmental interests – preventing over-pumping and sewage pollution – that would benefit both sides.

For more information, contact:

Gidon Bromberg, Israeli Director, EcoPeace Middle East: +972-52-4532597, gidon@ecopeaceme.org

Nader Khateeb, Palestinian Director, EcoPeace Middle East: +972-59-9606544, nader@ecopeaceme.org