July 6, 2006 – EcoPeace Calls on Both Sides to End Gaza Crisis

July 6, 2006

EcoPeace Middle East is alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza and calls on a cease fire followed by negotiations to end the crises immediately.

EcoPeace calls on the Israeli military and Minister of Defense to refrain from further damage to basic infrastructure and allow for the urgent repair of basic infrastructure facilities damaged.

EcoPeace is particularly alarmed by the impact on drinking water supply to large sections of the civilian population and the health implications of damage to sanitation facilities.

EcoPeace’s Good Water Neighbor communities are at this time expressing their solidarity with the Gazan village of Abassan and its residents innocently caught up in the midst of the present violence.

EcoPeace calls on both sides to cease further violent acts and protect the welfare of innocent civilians.