Oct. 7, 2018 – EcoPeace Awarded Prestigious Environment Award

Release: EcoPeace Middle East Awarded Stanford University’s Most Prestigious Environment Award

October 7th 2018

EcoPeace Middle East was awarded over the weekend the 2018 Stanford Bright Award for its exceptional contributions to global sustainability in the Middle East region. The award recognizes the organization’s work in bringing together Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli stakeholders on the issues related to water: “Their work has been foundational in the field of environmental peacebuilding and their current projects are on the cutting edge, ambitiously tackling the world’s most difficult environmental, peace, and security challenges.”

EcoPeace’s Co-Founders, Gidon Bromberg and Munqeth Mehyar, received the award on October 4th at Stanford University. Following the award ceremony a public lecture and panel discussion was held on “Peacebuilding through Environmental Conservation.”

See video of the event here

The Bright Award recognizes individuals who have made unheralded contributions to environmental sustainability. Each year, Stanford Law School will give the Bright Award to individuals working in a specific region of the world. The award winner receives $100,000 and delivers a public lecture at Stanford University.

Munqeth Mehyar welcomed the award: “EcoPeace is honored to be receiving the Bright Award. This recognition and support will allow us to further our work and efforts, as we seek to move ahead on our most ambitious project to date, promoting trans-border exchanges of water and solar energy in an effort to create water and energy security region wide and in a manner that advances both climate mitigation and adaptation measures.”

“Water scarcity is the most critical environmental issue that our region faces,” Gidon Bromberg adds. “Managing our shared water resources is an issue of national and regional security and presents the opportunity to forge solutions that advance peacemaking in this region. Even in the most intractable of situations and conflicts, when we work together on a common objective that serves mutual interests, we can better the situation on the ground for both people and the environment, build trust and give good reasons for hope for a better future.”

EcoPeace Middle East is a Jordanian, Palestinian, Israeli environmental peacebuilding organization that focuses on the region’s water and environment issues. EcoPeace brings together communities as well as decision makers from the three countries to seek to cooperatively advance solutions to the shared water problems of our region.


For more information, contact Gidon Bromberg at Gidon@ecopeaceme.org Mobile +972-524532597