October 9, 2014 – In advance of the Donors’ Conference in Cairo next week: EcoPeace is releasing a Report on the Gaza Water, Sanitation and Energy Crisis

In advance of the Donors’ Conference in Cairo next week: EcoPeace Middle East is releasing a Report on the Gaza Water, Sanitation and Energy Crisis 

October 9, 2014

The Gaza Strip had faced a rapidly unfolding water, sanitation and energy crisis, well before the breakout of war in July. EcoPeace Middle East’s report, completed in June and released now with a post-hostilities foreword, details the root causes of this crisis, and brings to the attention of the Israeli public and decision makers the dangerous implications of non action on the part of Israel for regional stability and public health of both Palestinians and Israelis.

EcoPeace urges the Israeli government to take interim measures which are direly needed to alleviate the water and sanitation calamity in Gaza. We hope to bring to the attention of the donors convening next week the need for such measures on the part of Israel:

  1. Expanding of the volume of water currently delivered to Gaza through two existing connections (average of 4.7 Million Cubic Meters (MCM) annually) to match their capacity (8.5 MCM in total)
  2.  Moving forward on delivering water to Gaza through the recently completed Nahal Oz connection which has a capacity of 12 MCM
  3. Moving forward on a prior commitment of delivering additional 30 MCM to the Palestinian Water Authority (agreed upon in Washington, December 2013) – to be then used in Gaza.

Gidon Bromberg, Israeli Director, EcoPeace: “The lack of a clear Israeli strategy for interim involvement in the rehabilitation of Gaza’s ability to provide adequate water for its citizens is extremely detrimental to both the international efforts which are currently being mobilized to provide Gaza with a better future, and Israel’s own best health and security interests.

“Gaza does not possess the water, energy or land resources to sustain itself independently. The international community is well aware of the dire need to facilitate large scale, long term solutions – mainly desalination and waste water treatment. However, until such solutions are developed, these efforts must involve interim measures taken by Israel in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah: export of more water to the strip and of energy for water and sanitation facilities”.

For more information please contact:
Gidon Bromberg 052-453-2597; gidon@ecopeaceme.org