September 29, 2010 – EcoPeace statement in response to ‘Anti-Normalization Committee’ Press Release

EcoPeace statement in response to ‘Anti-Normalization Committee’ Press Release

Amman and Bethlehem
29th September 2010

EcoPeace Middle East is deeply disappointed by the press statement issued by the Anti-Normalization Committee in Jordan yesterday. The committee’s statement reflects a high level of misinformation as to the position of EcoPeace on issues of Palestinian rights and in particular as to the effectiveness of EcoPeace’s work in placing Palestinian water rights on to the regional and international agenda.

“EcoPeace has successfully placed on the political agenda and succeeded to remind all Israelis and the international community that Palestinian water rights and the riparian rights of Palestine to the Jordan River and Dead Sea are urgent issues that need to be addressed now,” said Munqeth Mehyar, Jordanian Director.

On September 9th, EcoPeace succeeded to help pass a resolution in the European Parliament that called for the rehabilitation of the Jordan River, recognizing Palestine as a riparian to the river and highlighting water injustice, despite the objections to the resolution made by the Israeli Embassy in Brussels.

“Despite Israeli government official denial of Palestinian rights to the Jordan River, FoEME proudly flew the Palestinian flag in the middle of the Jordan River as part of the “Big Jump event into the Jordan River” held last month, said Nader Khateeb, Palestinian Director of EcoPeace. “In fact to the best of our knowledge EcoPeace succeeded to fly the Palestinian flag on the Jordan River for the first time in our people’s history,” he continued.

Not only is EcoPeace’s work significant politically but on the ground EcoPeace has helped leverage tens of millions of dollars for the improvement of water supply and sanitation facilities throughout the region, helping to actually improve the living conditions, livelihoods and environment of tens of thousands of Palestinians, Jordanians and Israelis.

“We must be doing something right”, continued Mr Mehyar. “We seem to be equally attacked by the extremists on both the Arab and Jewish sides who in the name of ‘anti-normalization’ are trying to deny opportunities to reach a just and sustainable peace to our still very troubled region.”

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