April 20, 2006 – Earth Day Event

Environmental peacebuilding in the Jordan River

EcoPeace Middle East held an event for Earth Day at the Gesher / Old Bridges tourist site on Thursday, April 20th.

The Jordanian mayor of the North Shuneh area met Israeli mayors from the Tamar Regional Council and the Beit She’an Valley Council in the middle of the Jordan River!

The Mayors released a ‘message in a bottle’ expressing their common call to rehabilitate the Lower Jordan River and save the Dead Sea.

Measurements were taken of the river’s depth, speed and water quality, while a kayak shuffled refreshments back and forth to the guests.

The event was very successful. For the first time, Israelis and Jordanians were allowed to come down to the banks of the Jordan River and meet in the waters at this International Border.

Without permission and cooperation from both the Jordanian and Israeli armies, this historical event would not have been able to take place!