April 21, 2010 – Conference; Israeli Preparedness for the Climate Crisis – Impacts on the Water System

Climate change conference in Jerusalem

On April 21, 2010 EcoPeace Middle East and the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem held a conference on Israeli preparedness for the climate crisis.

The conference focused on the subject of water conservation policy in Israel, and included discussions on the topic as well as exposure to relevant Israeli technologies.

Click here for the agenda – in English / in Hebrew

Click here for the proceedings of the conference (Hebrew)

Presentations from the conference:
Impacts of Climate Change; Dani Rabinovitch, Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University
Climate Change and Water Deficit; Yossi Gutman, Geohydrology Division, Mekorot
Water Policy Paper; Moshe Perlmutter SPNI
Best Practices; Youval Arbel, FoEME
National Water Policy; Sarit Caspi, Adam Teva V’Din
Biofilter and degredated water; Yaron Zinger, Israel Biofilter Project, Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael
Grey Water Regulation; Mike Adell, Nubian
Preparation of Long Range Master Plan; Miki Zaide, Water Authority
Utilizing run off water; Sinaia Netanyahu, Tahal