August 15, 2010 – Big Jump in the Jordan River

Youth in canoes and flags, Jordan River
Big Jump in the Jordan River 2010

EcoPeace Middle East held an event that also takes place throughout Europe, calling for local citizens to take responsibility for their rivers, and calling upon our governments to support their rehabilitation.

Following EcoPeace’s latest research that has identified a regional strategy to rehabilitate the River, this event further highlighted the urgency of the situation.

A regional gathering of mayors, municipal representatives and youth – from Israel, Palestine and Jordan – built rafts together, and then  “JUMPED” into the Lower Jordan River with a clear message: a region-wide call aimed at our governments that need to step up efforts to rehabilitate the Lower Jordan River.

The event was held at the Yardenit baptism site, just south of Degania near the Sea of Galilee, on August 15th. The Yardenit area is the last short stretch of the Lower Jordan River where clean water still flows.

A crew from American PBS TV News Hour filmed the event and broadcast it prime time throughout the U.S.A.