December 3-5, 2009 – Regional Ecological Building workshop

ecobuilding camp in kibbutz lotan
youth camp in kibbutz lotan

120 youth and GWN field staff from 17 communities across Israel, Jordan and Palestine gathered together in Kibbut Lotan this weekend for an ecological building workshop. They learned how to build with mud and recycled materials; to build a geodesic dome from date palm fronds and discarded irrigation plastics; they learned about the use of different materials for different types of bricks and built a small archway using the mud bricks they prepared – which was so strong it could support the weight of more than 3 people!

For fun activities, they hiked through the beautiful desert to see the kibbutz’s constructed wetlands and to discover bird life and wild animal tracks, and in the evening, went on a boat ride in Eilat where both staff and youth danced the night away overlooking spectacular views of Aqaba, Taba and Eilat.

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