December 12, 2012 – Battir petition in the High Court

Battir terraced landscape

We need your support!!

EcoPeace’s petition protests the route of the Separation Barrier in this area of unique cultural landscape.

All activists and residents were invited to come to the Israeli High Court, Wednesday morning, 08:30.

EcoPeace gathered outside the Court building in Jerusalem at 08:30 and entered together with activists at 08:45, and listened to the hearing that was held on EcoPeace’s petition against the building of the Separation Barrier in Battir.

Battir is an exceptional example of terraced agricultural fields that date back 4,000 years.  It represents an area of tremendous ecological and cultural significance to all the people of the region and humanity as a whole, and is on the tentative list of World Heritage.

EcoPeace is calling on the Israeli government to reconsider their actions and not proceed with the planned route of the barrier.