December 2, 2012 – Guest Lecture

Ahmad Rafay Alam

“Water – Source of Conflict or Cooperation?

Dynamics of the Indus Waters Treaty and India-Pakistan water relations”

Sunday, 2 December 2012

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Room 307, Trubovich Building, Tel-Aviv University

The Porter School of Environmental Studies
Friends of the Earth Middle East
Clinical legal education, Faculty of Law

INVITATION – Guest Lecture

Advocate of the High Court
Department of Law & Policy
Lahore University of Management Sciences

Though the Partition of the Sub-Continent took place in 1947, the partitioning of the waters of the Indus Basin took place in 1960 with the signing of the Indus Water Treaty, 1960. Though the Treaty has been remarkable in withstanding political differences between India and Pakistan, water shortages now put new challenges before it. The question is whether the Treaty can continue to operate as effectively as it has or whether it is time to begin to explore a new discourse on water sharing. Peace Parks can play a role in developing a new discourse, and the proposal to designate the Siachen Glacier as a Peace Park between India and Pakistan is an interesting case study. Much can be learned from models of environmental peace building that are being implemented internationally. Among them is EcoPeace Middle East’s Good Water Neighbours Project which identifies cross border communities and utilizes their mutual dependence on shared water resources as a basis for developing dialogue and cooperation on sustainable water management.


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