December 4-8, 2006 – Jordan Valley Tour

Visit to the Rotenberg Hydro electric power plant

From December 4-8, 2006, EcoPeace held an important 5-day tour of the Lower Jordan Valley. See itinerary and Supplementary Guide with photos and explanations of sites.

For the first time Mayors and municipal representatives – Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli – all from the Jordan Valley were able to see together the unique cultural and natural heritage that they share.

The request for the tour came from the Mayors as most had never visited the sites of their neighboring community. While each site has its own importance, it’s only when the individual sites are framed together in a common narrative that the global values of the Jordan Valley are truly exposed.

Mayors, municipal representatives, tourism, planning, environment and antiquity officials all witnessed first hand the missed opportunities of current development patterns and the need to promote crossborder cooperation including that of rehabilitating the River Jordan.

Click here for a PHOTO TOUR, photos by Gili Soffer.

See EcoPeace’s paper Peace Parks Vision on suggestions for transboundary peace parks in the Jordan Valley, and a presentation for a specific peace park in the Bakoora / Naharayim / Gesher area.

See EcoPeace’s Feasibility Study of the Jordan River Valley as a potential World Heritage Site. This is a working document aimed at identifying the sites and artifacts of cultural and natural heritage warranting World Heritage Justification. The paper is meant to serve as an informative document for the purpose of facilitating discussion between experts. Therefore, each World Heritage criteria has been evaluated and all possible information pertaining to the justification of the criteria has been presented. Further needs and questions are included at the end of each explanation to serve as a basis for discussion and further in depth research.