January 13-15, 2011 – Around the Kinneret; Choral Music Festival

choral festival logo

On January 13-15, EcoPeace Middle East partnered with the “Mi-La” organization in holding its annual “Around the Kinneret” Choral Music Festival, this year calling for the Rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River

Over a thousand members from choirs around Israel participated in the event. It included songs and lyrics dealing with the Jordan River, and performances by Korin Elal, Matti Caspi, Shlomo Gronich and more…

EcoPeace gave a presentation on the evening of Friday, 14.01.11, on the state of the Lower Jordan River — and on Saturday, 15.01.11, led the participants to select stations on our Jordan Valley Neighbors Path tour, to show people first-hand the issues facing the River.

Participants were invited to sign a petition and send letters calling for action to rehabilitate the Jordan River.

For a full agenda of the 3 days (in Hebrew), click here.