January 29, 2014 – Israeli High Court Decision on Battir

Terraced landscape in Battir, Palestine

The final High Court Hearing on the case of the Separation Barrier in the area of Battir has been rescheduled for JANUARY 29th, 2014.

EcoPeace Middle East and the residents of the village of Battir submitted a petition to the Court earlier this year in order to prevent the building of the Separation Barrier as currently configured by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Army.

The court, in an unprecedented act, reversed the onus on the Military to show why the Barrier should be built in this current planned form so that it would not destroy a cultural heritage site of global importance.

For further background on the Battir site, click on this Fact Sheet that gives a clear picture of the universal significance of the terraced landscape, as well as this expert opinion by Professor Mike Turner.

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