July 10, 2008 – International Expo- Water and Sustainability

Zaragosa Expo logo

EcoPeace Middle East was invited to the World Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain to present case studies of our projects during the Thematic Week “Water and Conflict Resolution”.

Participating were EcoPeace’s Jordanian Director, Mr. Munqeth Mehyar who gave a background of the organization.

In addition, 3 mayors and municipal representatives from our “Good Water Neighbors” communities presented a different case study of their community’s work with EcoPeace:

Mr. Yossi Vardi, Mayor of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, Israel – gave a presentation about the importance of the Lower Jordan River and its present state, including ideas for cross border solutions.

Mr. Ali Hussein, Mayor of Muaz Bin Jabal, Jordan – presented the Jordan River Peace Park project, including the outcomes of a recent design workshop that was held in his township with architects from Jordan, Israel, Palestine and the USA.

Mr. Hussein Saideh, Municipal representative of Auja, Palestine – presented a case study of the Village of Auja in the context of EcoPeace’s “Good Water Neighbors” project.