July 15, 2007 – BIG JUMP! into the Jordan River

Big Jump Event 2007

On Sunday, July 15th, six (6) Mediterranean countries simultaneously JUMPed into their local Rivers, joining the European bi-annual BIG JUMP event that calls on governments to take action in cleaning up their local waterways.

In partnership with the Anna Lindh Foundation, EcoPeace Middle East organized the event that was held at the PEACE ISLAND, on Sunday, July 15th.

The event included short readings about water & peace from the Holy Scriptures, each by a religious representative (a Priest, a Rabbi and an Imam), followed by the Mayors of the region jumping together into the river (!), and then kayaking a short stretch of water to the juncture of the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers.

The Big Jump – with mayors in bathing suits – is on the one hand fun, but the message is serious:
“Together, We Need to Save the Jordan River”