June 25, 2011 – Global Water Dance

global water dance logo

Global Water Dances is a world event. In 2011 it was planned for the date of June 25th.

On this day, a 24 hour series of dances around the globe was danced, centered around water issues.

Beginning in the Western Pacific Rim, and encircling the globe, the series of dances was also broadcast online.

Global Water Dances is a model of how to use participatory art-making to raise consciousness about environmental problems and how to bring people together to work on solving these problems. Participants and viewers of Global Water Dances learn about the critical role of humans in protecting water supplies.

EcoPeace participated in this global event with youth from Israel, Jordan and Palestine, “dancing” in the Lower Jordan River… to raise awareness of the poor state of this shared water source and calling on our governments to protect it.