March 26, 2009 – World Water Day Activities

Jordan Valley youth on world water day 2009
Baka gharbia youth on world water day 2009

EcoPeace carried out several activities to mark WORLD WATER DAY:

On March 20, youth from all the participating Palestinian communities met at the village of Auja, to learn about the importance of the Auja spring and the Jordan River. They shared their experiences and challenges of their own community work on water issues and then jointly embarked on a cleanup campaign, created signs and slogans and engaged in games about water resources in the region.


On March 26 and 27, Baka el Gharbia’s EcoFarm hosted youth from the Israeli and Palestinian Good Water Neighbors communities for two days of World Water Day activities.

The youth learned about water saving gardening methods, water recycling, and various water collection methods, and participated together in the annual Emek Hefer Walk. Here, they launched a campaign calling for cooperation on conservation and protection of their joint water resources.