May 10, 2007 – Red Sea Dead Sea Conduit Conference

Final Conference on EcoPeace independent assessment of the Red Dead project

EcoPeace Middle East led an independent economic and environmental assessment of the proposed Red Sea / Dead Sea canal project, funded by the MERC program of the U.S. Government.

Results of the research project were presented at this conference, held on May 10th at the YMCA, on King David St. Jerusalem.

Partners in research included the Geological Survey of Israel, that studied the environmental impacts on the Arava Valley and the Dead Sea; the Royal Scientific Society (Jordan) that studied the environmental impacts on the Gulf of Aqaba / Eilat; and the Water and Environment Development Organization (Palestinian NGO) that together with the Royal Scientific Society studied the socio-economic effects of the proposed canal.

All final research publications that were distributed at the conference are available on this website under Publications / Dead Sea page.