May-June, 2009 – Cross Border Neighbors Paths Tour

Neighbors Path in Jordan Dead Sea

EcoPeace organized three cross border Neighbors Paths visits during the month of May and June.

Mayors, municipal representatives, community residents and tour guides will learn about the less-known historical and cultural heritages of the area, as well as the water issues and related challenges facing these communities.

(1) April 30 – May 1, 2009: to the GWN northern communities in Jordan hosting the Israeli partnering communities of the Jordan Valley, Beit She’an and the Palestinian communities of Auja and Jericho (see Agenda)

(2) May 7 – 8, 2009: To the Eshkol regional council hosting the Israeli / Palestinian partnering communities from Baka Gharbia / Baka Sharkia, Emek Hefer / Tulkarem, Tsur Hadassah / Wadi Fukin. (see Agenda)

(3) June 3- 4, 2009: To the Southern communities of Jordan, hosting the Israeli partnering community of Tamar Regional Council (see Agenda)

These tours aim to further tourism promotion, exchanges of knowledge and to promote cross border cooperation.