November 10-12, 2014 – Regional NGO Master Plan Seminar

Regional conference, 2014, Amman

The SIWI / EcoPeace / GNF November 10-12, 2014 “International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley” brought together over one hundred government officials from Jordan, Palestine and Israel, international diplomatic representatives, international development agency representatives, and basin experts.

This regional conference was convened in the weeks surrounding the 20th anniversary of the Israeli-Jordan Peace Treaty. While other 20th anniversary events in the region were cancelled due to major political and social rifts between Israel, Palestine and Jordan, the fact that we were able to convene a major regional conference including senior officials from the three parties, including the attendance of two Ministers from Israel, demonstrates a marked success in itself and wide commitment to the regional effort to rehabilitate the Lower Jordan River.

The NGO Regional Master Planning draft materials presented an advanced planning vision for the Lower Jordan River. This vision is rooted in the use of the Lower Jordan River as a multi-functional water conveyor and requires a major shift from conventional thinking. The plan aims to utilize and reuse river water multiple times at various stages of its flow. Moreover, the vision is based on shared benefits, sustainable development, and fair rights and access to the shared waters of the transboundary Lower Jordan River for all riparians.

Below are links to the Full Conference Proceedings, as well as the agenda, speeches made by prominent political figures, presentations given, and a photo album of pictures from the conference


Conference Agenda and Pictures in this Facebook Photo Album

Conference related documents

Speech by Joanna Wronecka, Ambassador, Head of the European Union Delegation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Speech by Helena Rietz, Ambassador of Sweden

Speech by Therese Sjomander Magnusson, SIWI

Speech by Amir Peretz, Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection

Speech by Yaacov Peri, Israeli Minister of Science and Technology

Speech by Omer Bar Lev, Israeli MK

Opening remarks by Yuval Rabin, Chairman Israel peace Initiative and son of the late Yitzhak Rabin

Speech by H.E. Saed Abu Hamour, General Director, Jordan Valley Authority

Speech by Yousef Awayes Director General, International Cooperation & Coordination Unit, Palestinian Water Authority

Presentation by RHDHV; Transboundary Master Plan for the Lower Jordan River Basin

Presentation by DHV; WEAP Model

Presentation (short version) by Avital Gazit, consultant for the Lower Jordan River Drainage Authority.  For the full version of this presentation please click here.

Presentation by Itaipu Binacional

Presentaion by SIWI; Financing of bilateral projects

Presentation by USAID: Development Activities in the Jordan Valley

Thematic Sessions – Feedback from the Pollution Control group

Thematic Sessions – Feedback from the Ecological Rehabilitation group

Thematic Sessions – Feedback from the Agriculture group

Thematic Sessions – Feedback from the Sustainable Water group

Thematic Sessions – Feedback from the Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage Development

Thematic Sessions – Feedback from the Urban Infrastructure group

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