November 25, 2009 – Climate Change Workshop for Journalists

Climate change workshop for media

On Wednesday, November 25, 2009 EcoPeace held a workshop titled, “The Role of Media in Reporting the Climate Crisis: A Round-Table For Editors, Reporters, and Decision-Makers.”

The workshop, co-organized by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, convened at Beit Meyersdorff, on the Hebrew University Campus.

The workshop emphasized the role of the media in reporting climate-related events and exposing the public to climate change, as well as identify the communication obstacles surrounding climate coverage, and discussed strategies to remove those obstacles. This event is part of an ongoing series of workshops to present EcoPeace’s Climate Change Policy Notebook for Decision Makers, and leverage influential groups (like the media) to achieve successful climate solutions.

Speakers included Alex Kirby, former BBC environmental correspondent; MK Nitzan Horowitz; Aviv Lavie, Ma’ariv; Alon Tal, Ben Gurion University; Youval Arbel, EcoPeace; and Tzur Mishal, Ecolnoa.