November 30, 2010 – A Water Agreement Cannot Wait

Water Agreement publication

EcoPeace Middle East held a conference where an innovative Model Water Agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority was presented and discussed.

The model was prepared for EcoPeace by water experts well versed in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in the field of Middle East water, Dr. David Brooks and Dr. Julie Trottier.

Instead of the static agreement that characterizes the Oslo Accords, this model is based on a dynamic agreement between the sides and suggests an alternative to the “temporary agreement” in effect since 1995 that has failed to preserve shared water resources, especially the Mountain Aquifer, allowing for over pumping by Israel, pollution of groundwater and surface water originating in the West Bank and continuing into Israel, and the unfair allocation of shared water resources.

Among the 120 guests in the conference in Jerusalem, were MK Yoel Hasson, Head of the Lobby for Water Security from the Israeli Parliament; Fouad Bateh, senior advisor to the Palestinian Minister of Water; Michael Zaideh, Strategic Planning from the Israeli Water Authority; a representative of the Quartet, Prince Firas from Jordan; water experts; international water law experts from academia; and mayors and residents of our Good Water Neighbors communities involved in our ‘Transboundary Advocacy of Parliamentarians’ project.

The cross border municipal experience of our GWN communities was highlighted in this event, with discussions and examples given of the difficulties in dealing with the present Joint Water Committee, and calling for a new structure / institution to be created.

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