November 16, 2011 – Conference: Reviving the Jordan River: Hopes and Difficulties

demise of the Jordan River

On November 16, 2011 EcoPeace’s Tel Aviv office, in partnership with Kinneret Academic College, held a conference at the Kinneret Academic College campus to discuss revitalizing the Jordan River: possibilities, problems and potential.

The results of an EcoPeace-commissioned study which modeled potential opportunities for rehabilitating the river was presented at the conference.

A special round-table discussion entitled “Redistributing water between Agriculture and Nature: The Lower Jordan River Basin case study” took place in the afternoon.

Currently, nearly all the waters in the Jordan River are allocated for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses, leaving almost nothing in the river.

The possibilities for returning various amounts of water to the Jordan River and their impact on the local economy and eco-system were addressed by a panel of experts representing key stakeholder groups, including residents, agro-business, the Jordan Valley Regional Council, environmental groups, etc.

The conference was proposed by Israeli residents of the Jordan Valley adults group in EcoPeace’s community project.

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