October 15-20, 2017 – “Dead Sea Guardians” team in a Sundance Film Institute Lab, Utah, USA

EcoPeace was honored to receive an invitation, together with two Israeli filmmakers working on a documentary entitled “Dead Sea Guardians“, to participate in a “Stories of Change” Lab given by the renowned Sundance Film Institute.

The “Dead Sea Guardians” were 1 of 4 teams from around the world chosen to attend the workshop, held in the beautiful Sundance Resort in Utah.  Each team was comprised of filmmakers and social entrepreneurs, with each one at a different phase of film development. The lab included top notch facilitators from both the filmmaking and social entrepreneurship fields, whose aim was to help us best weave together the artistic and storytelling approach of the film, with the important social entrepreneur’s message behind it. Four days of intensive sessions brought us closer together in the development of this film and the impact we hope it will have. Stay tuned for its full length feature!