October 24, 2009 – Jordanians, Palestinians and Israelis around the Dead Sea for 350.org day

0 for 350 for climate change day at dead sea

On October 24, EcoPeace joined 350.org in a global day of action to demand strong, science-based solutions to climate change!

The world’s best climate scientists have identified 350 parts per million as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. Although the international community will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009 to craft a new treaty for reducing global warming emissions, this number is nowhere to be seen.

The international initiative, 350.org, has organized thousands of communities around the globe to call upon their leaders to stop global warming and to demand effective, science-based emissions targets.

Here in the Middle East, FoEME hosted a large gathering to attract the attention of decision-makers. In our region, global warming will cause water shortages, desertification, and loss of agricultural land.

We chose the DEAD SEA as the place to hold our event; a potential World Heritage Site that is shrinking from lack of incoming water. The Dead Sea’s demise reflects unsustainable water use in the region which now, due to climate change and the prediction of even less precipitation, is more unsustainable than ever. It also represents a warning for what other lakes in semi-arid regions can expect as a result of the climate crisis and unsustainable water consumption.

The 350.org event gathered hundreds of environmental activists from our community project’s towns around the Dead Sea, as well as others in Israel, Palestine and Jordan that joined in the effort; aerial photographs were taken showing the three gatherings of people around the Dead Sea, creating an image of the numbers “350”. Every photo included a group of participants forming a human chain in the shape of the digits 350 (either “3”, “5”, or “0”). These photos display a powerful image and can bring enormous attention to the negative effects of climate change.

Click here for a power point presentation with photos of the event around the Dead Sea

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