September 1-4, 2008 – 13th World Water Congress

World Water Congress 2008

The objective of the XIIIth World Water Congress was to enhance the world’s knowledge and raise global consciousness of the impact of global changes on water resources.

EcoPeace participated in the workshop on international projects entitled “Youth and non-violence” as part of “Youth in action” program.

The Congress brought together wide-interest participation, exhibitions and scientific communications about our planet’s water resources. It represented an important global meeting point for open dialogue between public and private partners, between users and decision makers and between developing, emerging and developed countries. In order to contribute to this global reflection and action, the Congress organised numerous debates, presentations and exhibitions among key water stakeholders.

The participants came from Portugal, Jordan, the Palestine Authority, the U.K, France and Israel.

See the poster that was published for the poster session in the 13th World Water Congress.