September 6, 2006 – Beit Shean, Pella Mayors Meeting

As part of the Good Water Neighbors project, EcoPeace Middle East held an important visit of the Jordanian Mayor of Pella, Mr. Mahmoun Alowneh, to Beit She’an in Israel where he met with the Mayor of Beit She’an, Jacky Levi, and the mayor of the Beit She’an Regional council, Dani Tamari.

The mayors committed to launch cooperation to promote tourism linking the Beit She’an National Park and the Pella Archeological Reserve and to restore Nahal Harod and Wadi Ziglab both presently responsible for polluting the River Jordan.

The visit included presentations on common problems of concern, a tour of Beit Shean National Park, of Nahal Harod, of the sewage treatment plant in progress and of the city of Beit Shean.

The Mayor of Pella invited the Israeli Mayors for a follow up exchange visit.