September 8-9, 2006 – Art Workshop

EcoPeace organized an art workshop for children from the Jordan Valley, related to water issues with a specific focus on the Jordan River.

The workshop took place on the 8th – 9th of September at the Wild Jordan Nature Centre – Tree room in Amman.

The Water Exhibition was held with children ages 10-12 from the “Good Water Neighbors” Jordanian communities of Deir Alla, Sheikh Hussein, North Shoneh, and Al-Safi. The children worked in all media forms including paint and clay for their art projects and were helped by professional artists from Amman.

The children were very excited about the Water Exhibition, and the response from the art community in regards to lending their expertise was overwhelming.

The Water Exhibition has elements of human development as well as nature protection. The project strives to be a means by which the residents of the Jordan Valley can express themselves in Amman. The issues facing the Valley are different from those facing Amman, and it is important that voices from the Valley be heard. The project also seeks to increase awareness of the serious water issues the people of the valley face including the deteriorating state of the Jordan River.

The workshop attracted media attention; three newspapers, one magazine and Jordan television interviewed us on the morning show!

See Children convey views on water degradation through art article in the Jordan Times covering the event.