Neighbor’s Paths

EcoPeace’s “Neighbor’s Paths” have been designed to educate and empower local residents and national and foreign tourists alike.

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Neighbors Path Bakoura

The purpose of the “Neighbors Paths” are to show the natural and cultural heritage of each one of our “Good Water Neighbor” communities and to learn about their water resources both in the past and in the present.

Many trails highlight the rich history found in the region but also reveal degradation and pollution, often “not seen” by local residents themselves and certainly not usually shown to tourists…

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Please click on the following brochure links for more information:

* BROCHURES – Neighbors Paths of Israeli Good Water Neighbors communities:
– Tamar Regional Council (English) / (Hebrew) / (Arabic)
– Eshkol Regional Council (English) / (Hebrew) / (Arabic)
– Tsur Hadassah (English) / (Hebrew) / (Arabic)
– Emek Hefer Regional Council (English) / (Hebrew) / (Arabic)
– Baka al Gharbia/Jat (English) / (Hebrew) / (Arabic)
– Beit She’an City & Valley (English) / (Hebrew) / (Arabic)
– Jordan Valley Reg. Council (English) / (Hebrew) / (Arabic)

– Gilboa Regional Council (English) / (Hebrew)

See also advertisements (in Hebrew) on the Tzofit website for Neighbor’s Paths of Baka Gharbia, Emek Hefer and Jordan Valley Regional Council.

See also a one-page brochure of all the Neighbors Paths in Israel (in Hebrew).

* BROCHURES – Neighbors Paths of Jordanian Good Water Neighbors communities:
– Muaz Bin Jabal (English) / (Arabic)
– Tabket Fahel (English) / (Arabic)
– Dier Allah (English) / (Arabic)
– South Ghors (English) / (Arabic)

* BROCHURES – Neighbors Paths of Palestinian Good Water Neighbors communities:

– Abasan, Gaza (English & Arabic combined)
– Jericho (English) / (Arabic)
– Auja (English) / (Arabic)
– Wadi Fuqeen – Battir (English) / (Arabic)
– Tulkarem (English) / (Arabic)
– Baka al Sharkia (English) / (Arabic)
– Yatta (English) / (Arabic)
– Jalameh (English) / (Arabic)
– Ein El Beida (English) / (Arabic)