Video Clips

The following are video clips that relate to EcoPeace’s ‘Good Water Neighbors’ project.

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View these videos to learn about the Good Water Neighbors Project:

– Gidon Bromberg on the Good Water Neighbors Project – “Water resources in our part of the world are shared. There is no major source of water that does not cross one or more political boundaries,” says Gidon Bromberg in this short video from the Environmental Change and Security Program. “The Good Water Neighbors project uses that “rationale of interdependence to help create trust; to solve livelihood problems that our communities face.”

– Good Water Neighbors – This video (in Hebrew) was produced for the Green Globe Ceremony in April 2010, where EcoPeace’s “Good Water Neighbors Project” was awarded the Environmental Education prize.

View these videos about specific activities carried out in the Good Water Neighbors project:

– Celebrating the Terraced Landscape in Battir – Featuring Israeli singer Ahinoan Nini, EcoPeace organized an event in the Palestinian village of Battir to highlight the threat to the ancient terraces and agricultural practices in the area of Nahal Refaim and Battir, endangered by the suggested route of the Separation Barrier. A professional video version of this event can be seen here.

– Palestinians Battle Israeli Wall – this video, produced by Al Jazeera, depicts the challenges facing the Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqin, and highlights the cooperation with its neighboring Israeli community of Tzur Hadassah in the framework of EcoPeace Middle East’s “Good Water Neighbors” Project.