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Shrinking of the Dead Sea

The following links will bring you to see different maps of the Dead Sea Basin, each highlighting a different aspect of challenges and recommendations.

– GIF animated image of the Shrinking Dead Sea (prepared by Keren Viner, student at the EMIS School, Kfar Hayarok; and Hila Marcu, EcoPeace Community Coordinator, Yarkon Basin, Good Water Neighbors Project)

– Shrinkage of the Dead Sea over the years

– Map of the Boundaries of a proposed Biosphere Reserve

– Map of the Heritage Routes and Sites

– Map of the Development and Transition Areas

– Map of Tourism Competition

– Map of Competition over Water Resources

– Map of Competing Industries


These maps were produced by EcoPeace.
They can be freely republished provided that credit is given to EcoPeace.
Please notify us of the use of the map and send us a copy of the publication.

In addition, click here for map of the shrinkage of the Dead as seen per NASA Earth Observatory