Recent Project Events

Listed below are recent events that have taken place in the framework of our Dead Sea project.  All other events can be found throughout our Newsletters; link on our homepage.

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January 2018

Dead Sea in the spotlight

This month the Israeli Parliament held a Finance Committee meeting to begin discussions on the various options for saving the Dead Sea and accompanying price tags.  EcoPeace staff attended the meeting to make sure that our vision of stabilizing the Dead Sea is heard:  (1) Partial rehabilitation of the River Jordan coupled with (2) charging the Mineral Industries for the water they extract – so that they are incentivized to change their water-intensive mining methods.  We were delighted to note that our Master Plan for the Sustainable Development of the Jordan Valley was portrayed front and center at this meeting.  Following the Committee meeting, several environmental organizations decided to join forces and work towards a mutually agreed vision to put forward in the future.

October 2017

“Dead Sea Guardians” team in a Sundance Film Institute Lab – Utah, USA

EcoPeace was honored to receive an invitation, together with two Israeli filmmakers working on a documentary based on our last year’s Dead Sea Swim event, called “Dead Sea Guardians“, to participate in a 4-day “Stories of Change” Lab by the renowned Sundance Film Institute. The “Dead Sea Guardians” were 1 of 4 teams from around the world chosen to attend the workshop, held in the beautiful Sundance Resort in Utah.  Each team was comprised of filmmakers and social entrepreneurs, with each one at a different phase of film development. The lab included top notch facilitators from both the filmmaking and social entrepreneurship fields, whose aim was to help weave together the artistic and storytelling approach of the film, with the important social entrepreneur’s message behind it. Stay tuned for its full length feature!

February 2017

Keeping the Dead Sea Afloat (in the news) 2

In continued efforts to keep the Dead Sea in the public’s limelight, EcoPeace was interviewed by several media outlets this month; both regarding the historic Dead Sea Swim event as well as about the Dead Sea’s  environmental crisis in general.  To read more about the Dead Sea Swim event, The Business Insider Article and Science Alert Article are good places to start!  A double page spread of the Dead Sea Swim was also included in the Journal for Science and Environmental Policy’ special edition focused solely on the Dead Sea, (by The Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences – not available on line). To learn more about the ongoing environmental issues facing the Dead Sea in general, read The Times of Israel article – – with much input from EcoPeace.

January 2017

Keeping the Dead Sea Afloat (in the news)

This month, EcoPeace staff gave a full day tour of the state of the Dead Sea, its environmental challenges and its proposed solutions to journalists from i24 news, for their debut broadcast in the U.S.   EcoPeace aims to keep the ecological crisis of the Dead Sea on the front burner of the media’s attention. Keep an eye out for their broadcast.

Dead Sea Swim
Save the Dead Sea sign

November 2016

HISTORIC Swim across the Dead Sea

November 15th was a historical day as 25 swimmers swam across the Dead Sea for the first time in recorded history in order to raise awareness about the environmental damage facing this shrinking body of water. EcoPeace, along with the Tamar Regional Council and the Ministry of Regional Cooperation, organized the event that garnered a record number of media coverage.

The team of 25 dedicated swimmers from around the world swam the 17-kilometer (11-mile) challenge in seven excruciating hours from the Jordanian to the Israeli shore with the help of special full-facial masks that prevented salt from entering their eyes and lungs. A video of the event can be viewed here.