Video Clips

The following are video clips that relate to EcoPeace’s work on the Dead Sea.

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View these videos for the general challenges facing the Dead Sea, with EcoPeace staff interviewed:

– Is the Dead Sea really dead? Clarissa Ward for the CBS Sunday Morning show interviews Gidon Bromberg on the challenges of the Dead Sea.

– Project to replenish Dead Sea water levels confirmed – BBC News Jeremy Howell reporting on the prospects of the Red Dead Canal project, with EcoPeace’s Abed Sultan explaining the dangers it could pose.

– Dead Sea to be topped up by Red Sea water – BBC news Ben Thompson reporting about the receding of the Dead Sea waters, with EcoPeace’s Abed Sultan, who questions why so much water is diverted for agriculture while it gives such a low economic return, and says that water leakage through the piping systems must also be addressed…

– Land Sinking as Dead Sea Shrinks – Al Jazeera news broadcast about the sinkholes appearing on the shores of the Dead Sea in Ghor Hadita, Jordan.

– The Dead Sea is Dying – BBC News – FAST TRACK ISRAEL– with Gidon Bromberg speaking about the demise of the Dead Sea…

View these video clips about the 2016 DEAD SEA SWIM event:

DEAD SEA SWIM CLIP – by Tsafrir Or

DEAD SEA SWIM CLIP – by MadSwimmers