Faith Based Advocacy Program

EcoPeace Middle East is launching a widespread faith based advocacy campaign to support ongoing advocacy efforts toward the rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River.

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In recent years faith based communities and networks in the region and in the international community have formally engaged with local and global environmental groups, becoming strong champions for the rehabilitation of the world’s natural heritage.

Numerous faith based leaders have become vocal advocates for environmental stewardship and repair, calling on their communities to support environmental causes.

While faith-based communities often have strong symbolic associations to the Jordan River, rarely is the contemporary reality of the river a point of discussion in their communities. EcoPeace Middle East is undertaking this campaign with the aim of bringing the reality of the Jordan River to the forefront of community discussion and encourage action-based community responses on this issue.

By engaging Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities in Jordan, Palestine and Israel as well as internationally, we aim to advance the creation of larger stakeholder circles supporting the rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River.

EcoPeace is partnering with individuals and communities to champion the cause of the rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River through tours and events in the region and in the international community.

As part of this effort EcoPeace has developed materials to help faith based communities advance understanding, awareness and action surrounding the Lower Jordan River’s rehabilitation.

Download printable copies of the materials:

As part of this campaign EcoPeace is launching the Jordan River Covenant – a visionary document which both highlights the degradation of the valley, and expresses our vision of a healthy, living river. We are asking faith based leadership, national leaders and members of the public to endorse this document as an expression of their support for the rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River.

Sourcebooks for educators and community leaders bring together a rich collection of scripture, sermons, essays, poems, songs and other tools to help leaders engage their communities on the need to rehabilitate the Jordan River.

Muslim sourcebook (English) / (click here for Arabic)
Jewish sourcebook (English) / (click here for Hebrew)
Christian sourcebook (English) / (click here for Arabic)
Multi-faith sourcebook

Come Together at the River is a booklet for tour guides that specifically covers sites of religious interest – Christian, Muslim and Jewish – in an effort to teach about the importance of the Jordan River to all the faiths that care deeply about the River.

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