Recent Project Events

Listed below are recent events that have taken place in the framework of our Jordan River project.  All other events can be found throughout our Newsletters; link on our homepage.

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March 2018

World Bank MENA Water Unit Visiting the River of Jordan Estuary

As part of the World Bank MENA Water Unit’s regional retreat and training that was held in Jordan between February 26th – March 2nd, EcoPeace accompanied the World Bank team on a unique field trip to the Jordan River estuary – where the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea – to present the uniqueness of these transboundary water resources and EcoPeace’s work in the region between Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The field trip updated the World Bank MENA team on the progress of EcoPeace’s Jordan River rehabilitation project and the advancement on the opportunities to implement the Regional NGO Master Plan for Sustainable Development in the Jordan River Valley.

Town Hall Meeting at SHE EcoPark, Jordan

On Wednesday March 14th, EcoPeace hosted a ‘Town Hall’ style meeting at the SHE EcoPark for local community stakeholders, including mayors and representatives of municipal local councils. The meeting aimed to inform them about the progress of the Jordanian National Master Plan for the Sustainable Development of the Jordan Valley and to invite local residents to share their questions, concerns and problems faced by their communities.

Presenting the Jordan River Faith Based Campaign to “Bethany Beyond the Jordan” Visitors

EcoPeace Amman’s Jordan River project team presented our “Faith based campaign” in partnership with the chaplain of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL) Mr. Jonas Bodin, to a group of Swedish believers who came to the Bethany Beyond the Jordan baptism site.  Biblical visits to the River Jordan offer faith-based groups true value in learning about EcoPeace’s Jordan River rehabilitation efforts that aim to bring the river back as the pulmonary artery in the Jordan valley.

Jordan River Presentation – California USA Interfaith group

An interfaith group of Christians and Jews from Southern California visited the Holy Land this month, requesting a presentation from EcoPeace about what has happened to the River Jordan.  EcoPeace staff gave a talk about the challenges facing the River, what has caused its demise, why it’s important to turn things around, and what EcoPeace is doing about it.  Great interest was shown, with many of the participants asking to show the presentation at home in their communities, and expressing their willingness to host EcoPeace staff when we are next in their area.

Jordan River Tour – Schmidt’s Girls School, Jerusalem

No one is too young or too old to care about the River Jordan!  A class of 8th grade students from the Schmidt’s Girls School in Jerusalem used their class trip day to come down to the Jordan River and Dead Sea to learn about the outcomes of uncoordinated water management – the status quo in the region for decades. The day ended with the girls dividing into groups and drawing what they learned on poster boards.  They plan to show and explain these drawings to their peers. They were most impacted at seeing the shores of the Dead Sea more than a kilometer away at the old Lido restaurant site, indeed a sad site.

February 2018

Jordan River in focus

EcoPeace staff continues to lead tours to the Lower Jordan River, making sure to keep raising awareness of the plight of the River, as well disseminating EcoPeace’s efforts for its rehabilitation. A full day tour of the northern parts of the River (from the Sea of Galilee southward to the 3-bridges site) was given to students from the Hebrew University’s Davis Institute for International Relations, that included spots at the Sea of Galilee, the Yardenit baptism site, the Alumot dam site – where the river drastically changes – and visits to see remnants of the River’s former glory at the Rotenberg Hydroelectric power plant and the “3 Bridges” site.  Another half day tour was given to a group of Methodist Bishops, pastors and congregation members from the U.S., who witnessed the sorry state of the River farther south at the Kaser el Yehud baptism site and learned about EcoPeace’s faith based campaign in calling for the River’s rehabilitation.  To organize such tours for your community or organization, please contact us by writing to

January 2018

Jordan River Tour

EcoPeace staff brought congregation members, staff and volunteers from the Augusta Victoria & Dormition Abbey churches to the Kaser el Yehud Baptism site to learn about the challenges facing the Jordan River.  Discussions focused on the importance of the river to the local, international as well as faith communities around the world, and what EcoPeace is doing to advance rehabilitation efforts.

October 2017

Water & Climate: Meeting of the Great Rivers of the Word, International Summit – Rome, Italy

EcoPeace’s Jordan River Project Coordinator, Mira Edelstein, was invited to present the organization’s efforts on the rehabilitation of the Jordan River at the “Water & Climate: Meeting of the Great Rivers of the World” International summit, that took place from October 23-25 in Rome.  Along with other great rivers around the world, including the Amazon, Mississippi, Yangtze, Danube, Rhine, Murray-Darling and many more, this conference aimed at raising the importance of including climate change mitigation into river management. The declaration of the conference will be presented at the upcoming Climate Conference in Bonn.

September 2017

EcoPeace at the ‘AWRA’ conference

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA), together with the Water Research Center of the Tel Aviv University, held a conference on September 10th-11th called Cutting Edge Solutions to Wicked Water Problems at the Porter School of Environmental Studies.  A wide range of presentations were given tackling the issue of water problems around the world (full program here), including 2 from EcoPeace:

August 2017

Jordan River Tours to “Interfaith Partners for Peace”

This month, EcoPeace staff was invited to speak to 2 tour groups visiting the region through the “Interfaith Partners for Peace” organization.  Both groups included high level clergy from around the United States who were interested to hear EcoPeace’s perspective about water and faith, and how the two issues can teach us to promote a better culture of peace in the region. EcoPeace staff gave these talks on-site, at the iconic Jordan River, a River so important to the 3 monotheistic religions, as an example of how people can come together to work on rehabilitation efforts in their respective faith communities back home.

July 2017

EcoPeace at the Israeli Ecology & Science Conference

Another opportunity to present our newly published research paper “Decoupling National Water Needs for National Water Supplies: Insights and Potential for Countries in the Jordan Basin” was at the Annual Ecology and Science Conference in Herzilya this month. EcoPeace staff Water Officer Nadav Tal, explained how the report demonstrates a promising avenue for improved regional water security within the current limits of water availability, drawing on regional best practices and showing significant knowledge and institutional challenges to achieve this. The conference included ecology and science experts from all over Israel, academics, and professionals from the private sector.

June 2017

Jordan River tour to UK Interfaith Delegation

This month, EcoPeace staff from Jordan, Israel and Palestine, took turns hosting an Interfaith Delegation from the UK led by Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith.  The group started their study tour in Jordan by visiting our Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark and learning about the environmental challenges facing the region in general, and the Jordan River in specific. They then spent several days in Israel and Palestine, visiting sites on the Jordan River where possible, at Naharayim and at the Kaser el Yehud baptism site, and learned about our faith based program that calls on religious leaders to contribute their voices to the need for the rehabilitation of the River.

May 2017

Jordan Valley Master Plan gets exposure

Rabbi David Rosen was asked to speak at the World Economic Forum held earlier this month at the Dead Sea in Jordan, on the panel titled “Shaping the Arab Sustainable Development Agenda” which reviewed several of the economic, social and ecological agendas in the region.  We are delighted that he chose to present EcoPeace’s Jordan Valley Master Plan as a good example of these agendas, and the work we have been doing with faith communities on the Jordan River.

Our EcoPeace Palestinian staff, Malek Abualfailat, participated in the ökoRAUSCH Eco-Design festival, in Cologne, Germany, where he presented Palestinian water and environmental challenges and opportunities toward sustainable development. The Jordan Valley Master Plan was presented as a case study.

Jordan River learning continues

EcoPeace staff continues to highlight the importance of the rehabilitation of the River Jordan, emphasizing the need for recognition of Palestinian water projects in the Valley, and moving forward on water issues in the region. This month, a group of U.S. students on the Dorot Fellows program were offered a presentation from EcoPeace on these issues – appropriately – on site, at the Kaser El Yehud Baptism Site on the Lower Jordan River.

EcoPeace was delighted to be a part of the Leader’s Quest program this year, presenting to a diverse group of leaders from all over the world the complex and challenging transboundary water issues in the region. EcoPeace staff led two Leader’s Quest groups over 2 days touring sites along the Jordan River, weaving together the stories of nature, history, politics, peace, and last but not least, hope.

Tour Guides March 2017
Tour guides at Gesher
Augusta Victoria JR tour
Rivergathering, Tbilisi Georgia

March 2017

Tour Guides learn the bigger picture about the Lower Jordan River

EcoPeace Jordan River staff concluded the last in a series of 4 trainings for tour guides about the Jordan River, this one on the western side of the River.  25 Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian tour guides spent three days visiting religious and historical sites – as well as environmental hot spots – on the Jordan River.  Our aim is to expand the circle of supporters for the rehabilitation of the River Jordan through tour guides & their tourists.

Jordan River faith based tour

EcoPeace will not rest until we see more advances being made towards the rehabilitation of the Jordan River.  EcoPeace staff took yet another group to the River, this time volunteers and staff from the Augusta Victoria church in Jerusalem, to learn about what has happened to this once ‘mighty’ – and still ‘holy’ – river….

Jordan River presented in the RiverGathering Conference, Tbilisi Georgia

EcoPeace was invited to present our work on the rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River in the “RiverGathering conference” in Tbilisi, Georgia this month.  This was a gathering of more than 80 organizations and activists from around the world, all coming together to share their knowledge of the effects of unsustainable River management.  EcoPeace’s Jordan River Rehabilitation Coordinator, Mira Edelstein, actively participated at the conference speaking at the opening plenary, leading one of the sessions on Campaign Techniques, as well as presenting our Jordan River Rehabilitation project in yet another session on Sustainable Development.  We are pleased to say that the Jordan River is now one notch higher on the world agenda!

Jordan River Tour Guides Training 3 Yabbuk River
Jordan River Tour Guides Training 3 at SHE

December 2016

Jordan River Regional Tour Guides Training in Jordan
EcoPeace’s Jordan River project held its 3rd “Come Together at the River” training in early December. These regional trainings aim to bring together pilgrimage and religious tour guides from Israel, Jordan and Palestine to acquire a greater understanding about the regional context of the area’s rich sites, highlighting the case of the Jordan River and sacred religious sites associated with it. Alongside visits to several sites along the eastern bank of the Lower Jordan River, participants were introduced to the Jordan River’s rich cultural and natural heritage. EcoPeace staff also explained the impacts that human actions have had on the shared water resources of the region, and how people – even visitors and tourists – can participate in efforts to rehabilitate the Jordan River. Participants were encouraged to discuss the role of tourism and how sharing the stories of the Jordan River Valley, ancient and modern, can inspire others to care for its protection. Click here for a Facebook photo album of this training.

EcoPeace Regional Water Conference Nov. 2016
EcoPeace Regional Water Conference Nov. 2016 Basin Commissioners

November 2016

Annual International Conference: Water Security & Sustainable Development for our Common Future
EcoPeace held its annual International Conference on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan from November 22nd-23rd under the patronage of the Jordanian Minister of Water. The event, titled Water Security and Sustainable Development for our Common Future, discussed water and peace issues in the region and is one of the only public gatherings where Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian ministerial participation takes place.  Over 250 high level regional and international officials, local leaders and activists attended the two day event. Topics of discussion included the water and sanitation crisis in Gaza and the promotion of a Palestinian/Israeli water accord. The second day included presentations from international experts on transboundary water management relevant to the plight of the Lower Jordan River; including from the Colorado and Rio Grande Rivers in US & Mexico, from the Sava River in the Balkans, from the Rhine River in Central Europe and from the Orange-Senqu River in Southern Africa.

Women Wage Peace March of Hope Naharayim
Women Wage Peace March of Hope Baptism Site

October 2016

EcoPeace Participates in Women Wage Peace March of Hope
This past month was busy with EcoPeace staff participating in the Women Wage Peace March of Hope. Israeli and Palestinian staff, forum members, and alumni joined thousands of participants at various points along the route including Naharayim, Neve Shalom Village, the Baptism Site on the banks of the Jordan River and in Jerusalem. The events included speeches from Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee, prominent politicians, and peace activists, as well as performances by Israeli and Palestinian singers. The two-week march, which started in Rosh Hanikra on the Northern Israeli border, and was a call to government leaders to start working with respect and courage towards a solution to the ongoing violent conflict, while including the full participation of women. The march culminated in Jerusalem, in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence, with thousands of participants demanding a restart to peace negotiations.

German TV at Gesher

September 2016

Jordan River outreach continues…
Several outreach activities took place this month to make sure the Jordan River continues to be talked about; they included filming for an item on German TV that will be aired next month; filming for a full length documentary about the Jordan River with the French-German ARTE company to be aired later in the Spring; as well as tours and presentations given to international delegations visiting the region such as the Telos Group, the Euphrates Institute and the Young Muslim Leaders group.

Naharayim Overflow Dam Waterfall

Bringing back some Jordan River water to the Pinchas Rotenberg legacy 
EcoPeace was delighted to attend a ceremony held at Naharayim that inaugurated the rejuvenation of the ‘overspill dam’, with water from the Jordan River brought in via the ‘zero canal’. This is a small section of the infamous hydro-electric power plant built in the 1930’s by Pinchas Rotenberg that harnessed the waters of the Yarmouk and Jordan Rivers together to produce electricity. This is also the area of EcoPeace’s Jordan River Peace Park initiative. In attendance at the ceremony was the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel, the mayor of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, and other invited guests.

Hands across borders conference
Mississippi River

EcoPeace Participates in International Workshop on Transboundary Conservation in Montana and Meets the Friends of the Mississippi in Minnesota
As part of a U.S. visit this month, EcoPeace’s Israeli Director participated in a 4-day workshop, Hands Across Borders, with leaders from 28 transboundary conservation initiatives located on 6 different continents. Through a mix of presentations, problem-solving clinics, and field trips, the participants shared their experiences in catalyzing, enabling, and sustaining transboundary conservation initiatives. The conference was held in partnership with University of Montana’s Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Policy and Glacier National Park.
Additionally, the Director toured parts of the Mississippi around St. Paul, Minnesota, with Friends of the Mississippi, to better understand the pollution plaguing this historical river. You can read more about the Mississippi River’s condition here. Friends of the Mississippi River engages citizens to protect, restore and enhance the Mississippi River and its watershed, in a similar way EcoPeace works to rehabilitate the Jordan River. Shared values, a common mission and agenda make them a new great friend of EcoPeace’s.

World Water Week EcoPeace Side Event
SIWI World Water Week logo

August 2016

EcoPeace Advances Jordan Valley Solutions at World Water Week, Stockholm, Sweden
EcoPeace, together with the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), held a Side Event during World Water Week, entitled “Financing Sustainable Growth in the Jordan Valley“.  The event included a presentation of our Jordan Valley Master Plan financing strategies and an update from the Lower Jordan River Drainage Authority, as well as SIWI’s joint infrastructure financial vehicle – a financing proposal designed to host a wide range of investments that will provide shared benefits and sustainable growth across transboundary basins. The panel that followed the presentations saw Israeli and Jordanian government officials, together with financial experts from the World Bank and the private sector (SEB) discuss financing options, including the establishment of a Jordan Valley Trust Fund.

Youth at Berlin camp about Jordan River
Berlin River Camp 2016 Drawing

July 2016

Jordanian, Palestinian, Israeli Youth go to Berlin!
EcoPeace’s delegation to the Berlin River Camp 2016 was a huge success. Our team included nine Palestinians, Jordanians, and Israelis who travelled to Berlin for a week-long youth conference discussing water issues in Europe and the Middle East. The group gave a presentation and showed a video at the German Parliament about our Jordan River rehabilitation campaign. Both the parliament members and participants from other countries were impressed by the presentation and EcoPeace’s “shared water as a shared interest” concept which advocates for cooperative efforts on water issues. The team also participated in different educational activities such as testing local water sources for pollutants, a “Big Jump” into the Spree River, and discussions about water issues with students at a local German-French school.

Youth at Baptism Site We Will Change It
Cross border youth at Kaser el Yehud We Will Change It

June 2016

Jordanian, Palestinian, Israeli Youth Meet at Jordan River Baptism Sites
On June 3rd, Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian Youth Water Trustees met at the Baptism Sites on both sides of the Jordan River to learn about healing their shared environment along the banks of the Jordan River. The day began with Israeli and Palestinian youth meeting at the old Lido Restaurant site near the Dead Sea for a discussion of the area’s history and dire water situation. From there, they traveled to the Baptism site on the west side where the Jordanian youth were already waiting on their side of the Jordan River at Bethany Beyond the Jordan. While Israelis and Palestinians stood and sang from the western bank of the river, the Jordanians joined in from the eastern bank, singing a rendition of “We Can Change It,” which was written by EcoPeace alumni in a past seminar.  Check out the video here, which will be presented in the German Parliament at the beginning of July.

Rabbi Forman Memorial Day Jordan River
Rabbi Foreman Memorial Day Kaser el Yehud

Rabbi Forman Memorial Day Activity at the Jordan River
EcoPeace was honored to lead a Jordan River study tour for family and friends of the late Rabbi David Forman, as part of the annual Rabbi Forman Memorial Activity Day on June 3rd. The group was diverse, from small children to older adults, but the get-wet-and-clean-up activity at the Auja stream was enjoyed by all. In between the group discussing the dire situation of the Jordan River and why rehabilitation is so important; they also joined together to sing songs about the River. As a bonus, group members met the group of Palestinian, Jordanian, and Israeli EcoPeace youth who were also at the baptism site. Pausing in their activities, the young EcoPeace activists taught the friends and family tour their original song about the Jordan River called “We Will Change It.”  View their sing-a-long clip here.

Jordan River Peace Park Signage

‘Jordan River Peace Park’ Development Advances
Development of our Jordan River Peace Park has advanced this month, with a new sign and viewing structure added at Al Bakoora / Naharayim, where the small “island of peace” exists at the junction of the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers. With water flowing in the zero canal for the first time since 1948, thanks to local community efforts, the Peace Park is advancing as an ecotourism and cultural heritage project and joint venture between the Jordan Valley Regional Council, the Springs Valley Regional Council, and the Jordanian Muaz Jabal Municipality, in cooperation with EcoPeace.

Alumot Dam Jordan River Tour Guide Training
Jordan River Tour Guide Training at Kaser el Yehud

May 2016

Jordan River Faith-Based Regional Tour Guides Training 
EcoPeace’s Jordan River Rehabilitation team led a 3-day “Regional Jordan River Tour Guide Training” for 20 Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian tour guides this past month. This is the 2nd such training held by EcoPeace; the 1st one was in February on the East side of the River (Jordan); this one was on the Western side (Israel / Palestine).  We had a full 3-day schedule, visiting religious, historical and cultural sites along the river to understand the shared value of this iconic river for the three Abrahamic traditions and learn about the sacred religious sites associated with it. EcoPeace staff also explained the impacts that human actions have had on the shared water resources of the region, and how people – even visitors and tourists – can participate in the efforts to rehabilitate the Jordan River. Click here for a set of photos from the training.

Come Together at the River publication for tour guides

New Publication “Come Together at the River”
Come Together at the River” was distributed at the training mentioned above, and provides tour guides with take-home useful information so that they can educate tourists in the region to better understand and appreciate the majesty of the River and its surrounding areas… but also the challenges faced. It specifically covers sites of religious interest – Christian, Muslim and Jewish – in an effort to teach about the importance of the river to all the faiths that care deeply about the river. It also explains the impacts that human actions have had on the shared water resources of the region, and how, in sharing the stories of the Jordan River Valley, ancient and modern, tour guides are able to inspire others to care for its protection.

German Diplomats at Old Lido Hotel

EcoPeace’s agenda getting popular with Tour Agencies
This month, EcoPeace was asked to give several talks / tours to visiting groups in the region, ranging from University students from the U.S. who are here on leadership programs and to learn about the geopolitical challenges in the region; to a German academic delegation; to visiting faith leaders, and more. This type of outreach is important not only for raising awareness as to the complexities of the region’s water situation – but also to highlight the interdependencies that can be capitalized upon in order to reach sustainable solutions and foster regional stability.

August Victoria volunteers on Jordan River Tour

April 2016

Jordan River faith-based Tour
This month, at the request of the Pastor of the Augusta Victoria Church in Jerusalem, EcoPeace staff led a site tour to the Jordan River to show church staff and volunteers the challenges facing the River. In the context of our faith based program, the importance of discussing the demise of the River and bringing the reality of the Jordan River to the forefront of community discussion cannot be overstated. Participants signed our Jordan River Covenant to express their support for rehabilitation efforts.

Jordan River Peace Park sign

Sign Erected for the Future Jordan River Peace Park
The northern entrance to the future Jordan River Peace Park is now graced by a sign, in three languages, explaining the significance of the site. This cross-border environmental initiative represents a symbol for peace in the region, as it highlights the economic potential of the river’s rehabilitation. The park will support projects on ecotourism and cultural heritage, along with programs on environmental education and environmental management.

Barbara Kreigner book Dead Sea Jordan River

Dead Sea and the Jordan River
A new and updated edition of the book “The Dead Sea and the Jordan River” was recently released by the well-known author and long-time friend of EcoPeace, Barbara Kreiger.
Gidon Bromberg, on the jacket cover of the book writes “The Jordan River and its terminal lake, the Dead Sea, have been on center stage of Middle East mythology, history and politics for millennia. Barbara Kreiger’s story of the modern day demise of these waters and the urgent need for their rehabilitation is a must-read for anyone that wants to understand the relevance of water issues to the continuing turmoil in the region.
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Jordan River Faith Based Tour Temple Rodeph Shalom

March 2016

Jordan River Tour
EcoPeace’s Jordan River Faith Based project – that aims to create a wider circle of stakeholders to support the rehabilitation of the River Jordan – continues to reach out to faith groups from all over the world. This month, a group from a U.S synagogue visiting the region learned about ‘what went wrong’ with the River, ‘why it’s important’ to rehabilitate it, and were asked to sign onto EcoPeace’s “Jordan River Covenant“, a visionary document which both highlights the degradation of the valley, and expresses our vision of a healthy, living River.

Auja EcoCenter hosting Jordan River Photo Exhibit

Jordan River Photo Exhibit in Auja 
Following the 9 European cities that have showcased our Jordan River Photography Exhibition, the photos have now returned ‘home’ and will be exhibited in several locations in the region. The first is in our own Auja EcoCenter, with an opening ceremony held on March 8th that attracted more than 150 people, including the Governor of Jericho, representatives from the Palestinian President’s Office, the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism, the Negotiations Committee, and more. The ‘fuss’ generated several interviews on Palestinian radio and TV – precisely the exposure we are seeking with this exhibit!

EU Parliament S&D group on Water

Jordan River Workshop in EU Parliament
EcoPeace was pleased to be invited by the S&D Group of the European Parliament to speak at a public seminar entitled “Water, Environment Protection and Trust Building in the Middle East“, where we gave an overview of the work we have been doing for the rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River. Read here the very encouraging words by Vice President for Foreign Affairs Victor Boştinaru, and S&D MEP Julie Ward following the seminar.

EU Delegation visiting Jordan River

February 2016

European Parliament Members Get a Glimpse of the Jordan River Members of a European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Palestine took part in a Jordan River tour that included the Qasr El Yehud Baptism Site and our Auja EcoCenter in Auja, Palestine on February 11th. The tour was led by our Palestinian and Israeli Directors and included information about specific projects that can be advanced from our Regional NGO Master Plan. 

Jordan River Tour Guide Training at Mt. Nebo

EcoPeace’s 1st Regional Tour Guide Training on the Jordan River
Another angle to further disseminate the story and the need to rehabilitate the Lower Jordan River: EcoPeace organized a 3-day study tour in Jordan for Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian Tour Guides (who focus on religious tourism), visiting sacred sites that exemplify the importance of the River for Christians, Jews and Muslims, so that they can include it in their tour narratives. The training also included feedback on a soon-to-be-released publication, “Come Together at the River – A Tour Guide’s Guide to the Sacred Sites of the Jordan River“. Stay tuned!

Jordan River Tour for Evangelical Leaders from U.S.

Touring the North
Earlier this month, Mira Edelstein, EcoPeace’s Jordan River Project Coordinator in Tel Aviv, spoke to a group of Evangelical leaders from the U.S.A. at the Yardenit Baptism site on the Jordan River. The discussion centered on the responsibility we all have – Israelis, Jordanians, Palestinians – Jews, Christians, Muslims – to work together towards the rehabilitation of the Jordan River, for the benefit of us all.

Rotenberg Hydro Electric Power Plant
3D mapping device at Jordan River Peace Park

January 2016

Jordan River Peace Park goes 3-D: 
One of EcoPeace’s greatest visions is the creation of a transbounday Peace Park on the Jordan River, to expand what is today the “Peace Island”, and to include the surrounding areas in Israel and Jordan. On the site was once a hydroelectric power plant that back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, supplied electricity to Northern Jordan and Mandate Palestine. EcoPeace has identified outstanding potential here for the development of ecotourism that would provide much-needed jobs in the area, as well as opportunities for biodiversity protection, cooperative management, joint research programs, education and collaboration on nature-based tourism. This month, a group of Swiss professors came to the region to do hi-tech 3-D scans of the site ahead of a student Design Studio scheduled for next year. Another step forward for the proposed Peace Park!

Jordan River Tour Baptism Site
Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development Womens Tour

Women of Faith visit the Lower Jordan River 
This month, EcoPeace staff gave a presentation and then a tour of the Lower Jordan River for a group of Jewish, Muslim and Christian women involved in the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development Women’s Faith & Ecology program. The importance of the rehabilitation of the River Jordan was presented in a multi-faith perspective as part of EcoPeace’s efforts to advance the creation of larger stakeholder circles supporting the rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River. Sites visited on the tour included the Kaser el Yehud Baptism site, the Dir Hijla Monastery, and the (Northern tip) of the Dead Sea, also greatly affected by the demise of the River. Participants eagerly endorsed the Jordan River Covenant, a visionary document which both highlights the degradation of the valley and expresses our vision of a healthy, living river. Read more about our faith-based advocacy campaign here.

Kinneret Conference, Jordan River rehabilitation efforts

Kinneret Conference
EcoPeace’s Israeli Director and Jordanian Assistant Director presented at the 8th International Conference on Tourism organized by the Kinneret Academic College. After an overall introduction with examples from around the world about tourism and peace, they discussed how the implementation of EcoPeace’s Regional NGO Master Plan will open up the region, attract tourism, bring more prosperity and abundance to the Jordan River Valley and advance peace.

World Bank visiting Jordan River with EcoPeace

World Bank Visits Jordan Valley
EcoPeace, Jordan Valley Regional Council members, and representatives of the Kinneret and Lower Jordan River Drainage Authorities gave World Bank representatives a tour of the Israeli side of the Jordan Valley on January 15th to better understand and visualize projects proposed in our Jordan Valley Regional NGO Master Plan. These types of tours help give international stakeholders a better understanding of the plight of the Jordan River but also the concrete positive change that has taken place in the past decade!