Video Clips

The following are video clips that relate to EcoPeace’s work on the Jordan River

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These videos best introduce the challenges facing the Jordan River:

The Jordan River as it Once Was
The video is of one of a series of town hall style meetings EcoPeace is holding with Israeli communities in the Jordan Valley. We have invited senior residents of the community to come together and share their memories and old photographs of how the Jordan River was years ago and how we can work to restore it. (Hebrew)

– EcoPeace Middle East: Saving the Jordan River
A video produced by the Episcopal News Service about EcoPeace Middle East’s campaign to rehabilitate the Jordan River: “Once a vital source of clean water throughout the Holy Land, the river has been sullied by untreated sewage and drought during the past 50 years”.

– River out of Eden
A short film made by EcoPeace to introduce the tragic reality of the Jordan River and ask the public to join in its rehabilitation.

– Saving the Jordan River – The Australian Broadcasting Company’s Jerusalem correspondent Matt Brown takes a trip down the Jordan River with environmentalist Gidon Bromberg…

– Big Jump into the Jordan River 2010 – Our own short video of the “Big Jump” event that brought together Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians all “jumping” into the Lower Jordan River, calling on our respective governments to step up efforts for its rehabilitation.

– Channel 1 TV in Israel reports on EcoPeace’s two new reports on the Jordan River that reveal new information on the state of the River and a plan for rehabilitation (Hebrew).

– Jordan River could die by 2011: report – Two recent landmark studies by EcoPeace have forecast that the lower segment of the Jordan River could collapse as early as next year due to global warming, extreme pollution and decades of human use that have resulted in up to 98% diversion of the river’s volume. These studies are the first to show the shocking level of demise and the extent of rehabilitation needed to restore the river.

– The Jordan River Needs Resurrecting – TIME Magazine reports on how the Jordan River’s pollution and decline have had profound social and environmental consequences for the Jordan Valley. This video was later followed with Time Magazine awarding EcoPeace as Environmental Heroes 2008.

– The Jordan River is Dying with Palestinian Director Nader Khateeb, on Voice of America

– Jordan River – A film by Itamar Ilan, containing shots from EcoPeace’s BIG JUMP! event in July 2005. This video offers a good explanation of the pollution and other challenges facing the Lower Jordan River (Hebrew).

These videos describe the Jordan River Peace Park Initiative:

– Bridging Waters (English only version) was filmed on-site – in Israel and Jordan – during a week long “charrette” (architectural design workshop). Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian architects together with Yale University’s Architecture and Design School toured and worked together on initial designs for the Jordan River Peace Park.   Also available is the English version with Hebrew and Arabic subtitles and the English version with Arabic subtitles only.

– Short video made by Professor Saleem Ali, Associate Professor of Environmental Planning and Asian Studies at the University of Vermont and author of “Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution” during his visit to the Jordan River Peace Park in January 2010.

– Jordan River Peace Park – This item by The Media Line describes EcoPeace’s Jordan River Peace Park initiative and the benefits that will be gained by both sides from this ecotourism project.

– Gidon Bromberg: Peace through Environmental Activism – by International Festival of Arts & Ideas – in collaboration with the Yale World Fellows Program; In the spirit of connecting art with ideas, the “Ideas Series” explores a current struggle to bridge cultural divides between Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians. The video features Gidon Bromberg, director of EcoPeace Middle East, Shimon Anisfeld and Alan Plattus for a discussion about their work to revitalize the Jordan River through the establishment of a Peace Park in the Jordan River Valley and their belief that environmental activism can promote peace.

Videos of our Youth Water Trustees about the Jordan River:

– Jordan River Big Jump 2015
EcoPeace gathered together youth from Israel, Palestine and Jordan to meet on opposite banks of the Lower Jordan River, at the Kaser el Yehud Baptism site, in a joint call to our governments to rehabilitate this most important River, that is today degraded and polluted. Heard in the background, is the “Jordan River Love Song” , also produced and sung by EcoPeace ‘Water Trustees’ from Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

– Global Water Dance – on June 25th, 2011, youth from EcoPeace’s “Good Water Neighbors” project, joined together with Global Water Dances in a community engaged dance performance on the banks of the Jordan River. Global Water Dance is a world-wide event that brings awareness to water issues through the art of dance, and included 33 participating countries from around the world.

– Local Love Story (Jordan River Song) – youth from EcoPeace’s Good Water Neighbors project that live along the banks of the Lower Jordan River – Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians – sing a song they helped to write, about the River Jordan….