Recent Project Events

Listed below are recent events that have taken place in the framework of the ‘Water & Energy Nexus’ project.  All other events can be found throughout our Newsletters; link on our homepage.

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May 2018

EcoPeace at EBRD 27th Annual meeting

EcoPeace Middle East, represented by its Jordanian co-director Mr. Munqeth Mehyar, Deputy Director Ms. Yana Abu Taleb and the Water Energy Nexus project coordinator Mr. Mohammad Bundokji attended the 27th annual meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) held in Jordan on the 9th and the 10th of May 2018. The main theme of the meeting was “Energizing Economies” and EcoPeace was present to promote its Water Renewable Energy Nexus Project as an example of an initiative that can energize the economies of the region as a whole, in a manner that creates healthy interdependencies.

April 2018

London Presentation of WEN to Investors

On April 11th, EcoPeace – in association with Herbert Smith Freehills, the FTWeekend and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) – held an event “Promoting Middle East Water and Energy Security through Investment in a Water-Renewable Energy Exchange for Peace and Stability”.  EcoPeace co-directors presented the results of the Water and Energy Nexus pre-feasibility study conducted by EcoPeace Middle East and KAS, which analyzes the technical, economic and geopolitical aspects of the Water-Energy Nexus proposal. This is an ambitious project between Jordan, Palestine and Israel where energy generated from renewable sources in Jordan will be exchanged for desalinated water from the Israeli and Palestinian Mediterranean coast. The event included a panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges to advance the project that included private sector investors from the region, the World Bank and OPIC, and was moderated by Pilita Clark, award winning journalist of the Financial Times.

March 2018

New Publication: Water & Energy Nexus Full Pre-Feasibility Study

EcoPeace’s Water-Energy Nexus Project aims at researching and advocating for a Water and Sustainable Energy Nexus approach to counter the effects of climate change and its potential negative security implications, while providing solutions to water scarcity in the region. The purpose of this pre-feasibility study is to present the project vision and an approach for how such a project might be developed as an exchange of water and energy between Jordan, Israel and Palestine. This initial analysis indicates that the project is indeed technically feasible and environmentally desirable, and could potentially provide wide-scale economic and political benefits to the three parties, creating the case for conducting a more in-depth feasibility study supported by the governments themselves and the international community.  Click here for the Full Pre-Feasibility Study and here for the Executive Summary.

New E3G publication features EcoPeace ‘WEN’ initiative

E3G, a renowned independent climate change think tank, has recently published a new briefing paper MENA Stability in a Changing Climate – A Transatlantic Agenda on Preventative Investment, on the connections between political stability and food, energy and water security in the MENA region. This informative and enlightening report mentions EcoPeace’s Water Energy Nexus initiative as an example of resilient interventions that could foster regional cooperation and the creation of healthy geopolitical interdependencies.

December 2017

Morocco Conference

EcoPeace’s Palestinian Co-Director, Nada Majdalani, and Regional Projects Manager, Yana Abu Taleb, participated in the International Workshop on “Water-Energy-Food Nexus implementation in the Maghreb” which took place in Rabat-Morocco from 18-20 December 2017, and was sponsored by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The workshop focused on the interdependencies between the sectors of water, energy and food. EcoPeace’s Palestinian Co-Director emphasized emerging opportunities through cross-border cooperation that capitalizes on the advantages of each country. Her presentation of EcoPeace’s Water Energy Nexus pre-feasibility study that adopts this regional approach was well received.

Barcelona Conference

EcoPeace’s Israeli Co-Director, Gidon Bromberg, and the Jordanian project coordinator of the Water Energy Nexus project, Mohammad Bundokji, participated in the Regional Conference on Water Governance in MENA and the wider Mediterranean region  in Barcelona, Spain from the 12th – 14th of December 2017.  Mr. Bromberg presented the results of the Water Energy Nexus pre-feasibility study and emphasized the transformative impact of such innovative solutions on the water and energy sectors in Jordan, Israel and Palestine. He also explained the next steps to be taken – a full feasibility study and a pilot project as proof of concept.  For more information on the conference, see the concept note and the agenda.

November 2017

Euro Solar Prize 2017

The European Solar Prize Award is handed out every year to municipalities, organizations, and individuals for extraordinary accomplishments and significant contributions to the use and expansion of renewable energy. EcoPeace’s Water & Energy Nexus project won this year’s prize in the “One World Cooperation” category. The Water- Energy Nexus project seeks to create an Israeli – Palestinian – Jordanian water energy community with healthy resource interdependencies that would enable Jordan, Israel and Palestine to meet their water and energy security needs, and their commitments to developing renewable energy and reducing their emissions. The project includes research into the feasibility of a water energy exchange whereby solar energy, to be harvested in Jordan, would be exported to Israel and Palestine, where it would be used to produce desalinated water, some of which would be exported back to Jordan.

Water & Energy Nexus study presented in Brussels

EcoPeace Middle East and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung were invited to give a presentation of our Water & Energy Nexus study results at the European Parliament in Brussels. The event “A Water Energy Nexus for the Middle East and the Historic Experience of the European Coal and Steel Community”, underlined the importance and urgency of this project.  MEP Elmar Brok from the European’s People Party called for immediate action, before the window of opportunity closes. Click to hear his full keynote speech, as well as an interview with EcoPeace’s 3 country Directors.

June 2017

“WEN” Roundtable – Israel

Further to the previous two roundtables that took place in Amman and Ramallah last month (reported in our previous newsletter), an Israeli roundtable was held in Jerusalem in the end of June. Initial data from the pre-feasibility study of our Water and Energy Nexus project was presented by researcher Dr. David Katz, to a wide group of stakeholders; including representatives from government ministries (Energy & Water, Environment, Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation), as well as the private sector and academia. It was encouraging to hear that all attendees expressed their initial support for the project, followed with thoughtful, important feedback that the next stage of research will seek to incorporate.

May 2017

EcoPeace participates in the Euromed Conference:  Desalination for Clean Water and Energy: Cooperation around the World

The European Desalination Society (EDS) conferences around the Mediterranean were initiated after the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, to strengthen relations between Mediterranean countries. EcoPeace’s Giulia Giordano was invited to open the Cross-Border Cooperation session at the 8th Conference in the EuroMed series in Tel Aviv. Her presentation focused on our Water & Energy Nexus (WEN) project.  The WEN project, inspired by the European Coal and Steel agreement post WWII, aims at creating a water energy community between Israel, Jordan and Palestine. In addition to the mutual exchange of water and renewable energy, potential benefits include the strengthening of ties and the creation of healthy inter-dependencies between the countries. In their opening remarks, Ambassadors to Israel of Italy and the EU, Francesco Talo and Lars Faaborg-Andersen, emphasized the necessity to strengthen cooperation over water and energy, especially in the Middle East.

Water & Energy Nexus Project – National roundtable events in Ramallah and Amman

The Water & Energy Nexus project held 2 National Round Table events this month – in Ramallah and Amman.  In Amman, it was held at the Crowne Plaza on 21 May 2017 and included three presentations on water, energy and geopolitics, followed by an open discussion session where participants from the Jordanian government, private sector, academia and civil society provided feedback on the preliminary findings of the pre-feasibility study that is being conducted as part of the project.  Beyond the natural resource issues at stake, everyone seemed to agree on the importance of such an innovative approach for peace building and mitigating the impact of climate change on future generations.

The Economist logo

January 2016

EcoPeace “Water and Energy Nexus” (WEN) Project Featured in the Economist
EcoPeace’s Water/Energy Nexus project (WEN) was featured in The Economist this past month, welcoming the initiative that introduces more efficient means to provide energy for desalination of water and promote cooperation in the region. The project is still in its early stages of research and development and is looking at how Israel, Jordan and Palestine can use water and energy to build a win-win relationship. We welcome this article and the gaining popularity of our study.

Roundtable event in Amman WEN project

December 2015

“WEN” National Conferences in Amman and Tel Aviv 
EcoPeace’s Amman and Tel Aviv offices held national conferences for the Water / Energy Nexus project (WEN) on December 2nd and 3rd respectively in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Both events brought together experts, stakeholders, scholars, environmental activists and government officials to discuss the national report of the project. The Amman conference was divided into four sessions, which included presentations by the CEO’s of Kawar Energy and Philadelphia Solar who spoke about their successes and challenges in relation to renewable energy. The Tel Aviv conference included panel experts such as the USAID West Bank / Gaza Mission Director, Dave Harden, Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation, MK Ayoub Kara, World Bank representatives, and leading academics and political figures.

Read more in these Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz articles on the project’s press coverage page

International Water Association conference

October 2015

EcoPeace at the International Water Association Conference
EcoPeace gave several presentations at the International Water Association conference held at the Dead Sea, Jordan from October 18 – 22, 2015. Our Jordanian Director, Munqeth Mehyar, presented EcoPeace’s Water Energy Nexus project as a catalyst for regional peace at a side event organized by SIDA titled “Learning from regional water cooperation in the MENA region

German Israel Climate Talk Porter School

September 2015

EcoPeace’s Israeli Director presented the organization’s Water-Energy Nexus project at the 2nd German-Israeli Climate Talks at the Porter School of Environmental Studies of Tel Aviv University. The presentation entitled: “A Water Energy Nexus Across the Jordan for Stability and Climate Change Mitigation” focused on the rationale for creating a water-renewable energy community based on interdependence among Israel, Jordan, and Palestine, where much needed water is produced through desalination on the Israeli and Palestinian Mediterranean coasts, and additional electricity needs are met by extensive investment in solar renewable energy in Jordan’s eastern deserts.

Water Energy Nexus roundtable Amman

July 2015

Water & Energy Nexus Roundtable Events
The first two national roundtable discussion events of the Water Energy Nexus prefeasibility study were held in Israel and Jordan at the end of July, following advocacy efforts in Brussels and Berlin. The round tables aimed at introducing the water energy nexus approach and the pre-feasibility study to raise national interest and buy-in within the relevant government, NGO, and international agencies. Many recommendations, suggestions and lessons learnt from similar actions were raised and will be incorporated into the study. An additional roundtable session will be held in early August in Palestine. Both roundtables concluded with a clearer understanding of the project objectives while most participants expressed a willingness to work towards achieving its goal and create healthy inter-dependencies that could be the pillar for peaceful coexistence between our neighboring countries.

May 2015

Water & Energy Nexus Advocacy Tour to Brussels and Berlin
As part of the advocacy efforts of EcoPeace’s newly launched Water & Energy Nexus Project (WEN), a delegation of eight professionals from EcoPeace and governmental representatives from Palestine, Jordan, and Israel conducted an introductory visit / advocacy tour to Brussels and Berlin between May 3rd and 8th. They conducted a series of meetings with officials from the EU parliament, the European Commission and research institutes.