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January, 2021: EcoPeace Online Training on Climate Security, Environmental Peacebuilding and Digital Storytelling – Lake Chad Basin

Apply and tell your organization’s climate story on social media!

Eligibility: NGOs from Lake Chad riparian countries working on issues of climate change, water, energy, agriculture, and/or conflict resolution

EcoPeace Middle East and KAS Climate Policy and Energy Security Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa invite you to apply for this amazing opportunity to enhance your knowledge of environmental peacebuilding and climate security while learning social media and storytelling skills.

We will be selecting a small number of suitably qualified NGOs from the Lake Chad riparian countries to participate in an innovative online training program designed to teach organizations how to develop environmental peacebuilding narratives, and then build successful social media campaigns using this framework for messaging. Participating organizations will receive high level training and mentoring by experts, and valuable/practical hands on assistance in developing their own social media campaign/s.

Social media campaigns will focus on urgent matters of climate security and environmental peacebuilding in the Lake Chad Basin, to increase awareness, promote public participation, and enhance organizations’ social media visibility and outreach. The best social media campaigns will be featured prominently on both EcoPeace’s and KAS’s social media platforms.

To apply please fill out this form by Monday 31 December.

In our selection we will be considering the following criteria:

  • Country of origin: this training course is designed only for organizations based in any of the Lake Chad riparian countries (Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon), applications from other countries will be dismissed.
  • Field of work: priority will be given to organizations focused on issues related to the Lake Chad Basin, climate change, water/energy and agriculture, environmental peacebuilding, community engagement, sustainable development, conflict resolution.
  • Characteristics of the organization: Priority will be given to organizations that already have some social media experience and presence. Size, number of employees, number of projects implemented, and other relevant details that describe the organization will be taken into account.
  • Language: representatives of the participating organizations will be required to be able to speak and write in English.