Recent Project Events

January, 2021
EcoPeace Online Training on Climate Security, Environmental Peacebuilding and Digital Storytelling – Lake Chad Basin

Together, EcoPeace Middle East and KAS Climate Policy and Energy Security Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa, delivered this program to NGOs from Lake Chad riparian countries working on issues of climate change, water, energy, agriculture, and/or conflict resolution

We selected a small number of suitably qualified NGOs from the Lake Chad riparian countries to participate in this innovative online training program designed to teach organizations how to develop environmental peacebuilding narratives, and then build successful social media campaigns using this framework for messaging. Participating organizations received high level training and mentoring by experts, and valuable/practical hands on assistance in developing their own social media campaign/s

July 2020
EcoPeace Global Dialogues Webinar – The Role of the International Community in the Promotion of Environmental Peacebuilding


April 2020

EcoPeace Global Dialogues Webinar – The Interconnection Between the Climate Crisis and Global Security

December 2019
Lake Chad Basin kick-off meeting

November 2019
Training at the Waterkeeper Alliance International Region Summit

April 2019
EcoPeace addresses the United Nations Security Council

December 2018
Workshop on Middle East Water Security and Environmental Peacebuilding

This workshop was offered by EcoPeace’s Program for Water Security to connect EcoPeace’s experience in the Middle East with the capacity building needs of civil society organizations coping with conflict, poor governance and water insecurity worldwide. Through the Program for Water Security, which is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, EcoPeace seeks to create long-term partnerships with civil society organizations worldwide and create a global network of environmental peacebuilders.

The workshop gathered representatives of civil society organizations involved in conflict resolution and/or environmental challenges to discuss the role civil society can play in promoting peace and fostering environmental cooperation. The workshop created opportunities for an exchange of experiences and capacity building – providing tools, technical advice and training to support strategic planning, political advocacy and grassroots activities that employ EcoPeace’s unique methodology.  It allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and best practices of environmental peacebuilding with a special focus on fostering dialogue and cooperation on the protection, equitable and sustainable use of water and environmental resources.

This project was made possible through funding from Robert Bosch Stiftung



March 2018

Scaling up our Global Water Security program at the World Bank Fragility Forum

Under the theme ‘Managing Risks for Peace and Stability’, the 2018 World Bank Fragility Forum brought together policy makers and practitioners from humanitarian, development, peace and security organizations to share practical solutions and explore innovative ways to improve development approaches to foster peace and stability.

EcoPeace organized the panel ‘Advancing Peace & Stability: Managing Water Security’, where Israeli Co-Director Gidon Bromberg spoke alongside with Danilo Türk, Former President of Slovenia, Guang Zhe Chen, Senior Director of Water at the World Bank and Sherri Goodman, Senior Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center. The discussion focused on how civil society, UN agencies and international institutions could better work together to advance water security and stability.

November 2017

GCSP – Prize for Innovation in Global Security 2017

The Geneva Center for Security Policy awarded EcoPeace Middle East’s Program on Water Security this year’s Prize for Innovation in Global Security. The prize recognizes deserving individuals or organizations that have an innovative approach to addressing international security challenges. Members of the jury are composed of the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva; Former Chief of the Swiss Armed Forces, Head of the Division for Security Policy in the Swiss Directorate of Political Affairs and others.  The jury elected EcoPeace among 115 entrees from 50 countries, noting that environmental security is increasingly crucial in international conflict resolution. EcoPeace launched the Program on Water Security last year to share its successful environmental peacebuilding model to meet the urgent global need for cross-border cooperation to mitigate water conflict and manage shared freshwater ecosystems. Based in Washington DC, the program connects EcoPeace’s experience in the Middle East with the capacity building needs of civil society organizations coping with climate-induced water stress and conflict worldwide.

May 2017

EcoPeace Global Outreach News

With the establishment of our Program on Water Security based in Washington DC, EcoPeace is now advancing activities to bridge the gap between academic environmental peacebuilding theory and practical implementation.  The Director of the program, Marina Djernaes, has made presentations at several universities to date, including Johns Hopkins University, American University, George Washington University and New York University, to discuss EcoPeace’s practical implementation of environmental peacebuilding and attracted a very engaged audience of students. The Program was also featured during a Wilson Center event held in February, called “15 Years of Environmental Peacemaking”.

Additionally, Marina Djernaes participated in a recent Salzburg Global Seminar session, a project in the ten-year collaborative platform to transform and catalyze leadership and action to deliver the Promise of Sydney. The seminar, called “The Next Frontier: Transboundary Cooperation for Biodiversity and Peace“, convened a diverse range of practitioners and innovators with policymakers and influencers, bridging sectoral, generational and regional divides. Participants identified the most promising approaches, catalyzed collaborations and pilot projects and delivered practical tools that deliver benefits for inclusive and sustainable development, regional economic growth and cohesion and peacebuilding.  The final report of the session can be found here.

An intern from New York University working with our Program on Water Security, traveled to Iraq this month to meet with community members in the Kurdish areas to evaluate opportunities for applying the EcoPeace “Good Water Neighbors” approach to advance water security in the area.  Stay tuned for updates!

March 2017

Al Gore’s Climate Reality project invited people representing more than 30 countries to a conference in Colorado to advance projects addressing climate change.  Marina Djernaes, the Director for EcoPeace’s new Program on Water Security represented EcoPeace and our 23 years of best practice experience in practical implementation of environmental peacebuilding. The new Program engages conflict zones across the globe that share transboundary water resources and develops the capacity of these communities to establish relationships of cooperation and develop trust. Read more in this blog.