Recent Project Events

Listed below are recent events that have taken place with Youth, in the framework of the ‘Good Water Neighbors’ project.  All other events can be found throughout our Newsletters; link on our homepage.

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January-June 2021
Support for student projects

September 2020-March 2021
GWN lessons in schools and Hotspot Water Tours

September 2020- March 2021
EcoPeace support for Summit events like Sustainable Development Campaigns, Cleanups, Model UN Conferences and Debate Tournaments on Environmental Issues

August 2020
Regional Water Diplomacy Meeting

Summer 2020
Regional Youth Water Trustees recruitment and training
National Educators training
Regional Educators Training

May 20, 2020
Young Professionals Meeting with Pathways Institute for Negotiation Education

May 2018

Wadi Qana Nature Reserve

Three educational tours this month took place to Wadi Qana nature reserve highlighting the challenges faced by Palestinian local farmers and residents due to political restrictions placed on them and a drying environment. Youth water trustees from Baqa Al-Sharqya, Jericho, Auja, and Dirstia visited the reserve and the Direstia old town. EcoPeace community coordinators led the tours accompanied by the mayor of the Dirstia municipality.

Yarkon and Jordan River Basins

Youth water trustees from high schools in Tel Aviv toured the Yarkon River Basin Neighbor’s Path. They witnessed the serious water quality and quantity issues facing the river and discussed the crossborder issues of the basin including the state of water shortage and pollution issues on the Palestinian side of the basin. Another group of Youth Water Trustees from the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee ended their school year with a tour and discussion on the real-time impacts of climate change on the drying lake and the reversal of Israel’s national water carrier as a response.

Cross Border Camp – Jordanian/Israeli

Early in May, Youth Water Trustees from Jordan and Israel participated in a cross border camp at Sharhabil Bin Hasnah EcoPark in Jordan. Youth were divided into mixed groups and taken to the North Shouneh, Sheikh Hussein, and Al Mashara’a districts where they saw firsthand the water supply and sanitation challenges faced by residents. Upon returning to the park, the students engaged in discussions on the difficulties Jordan in particular faces but also the common challenges faced across the region and their role as water trustees to help solve these challenges.

April 2018

Regional women’s empowerment meeting for students

EcoPeace “Good Water Neighbors” project staff organized a weekend in April for Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli students in our Jordan EcoPark, learning together about our shared environment, empowerment of women in society, and the need for the advancement of sustainability and peace.  They went on a tour of the local “Neighbor’s Path” where they learned about local and regional water issues, took part in a clean-up activity, and enjoyed the outdoors together. We are not only hoping that there will be peace – we are building it!

Cross cultural Baka Bharbia – Emek Hefer meeting

Our Good Water Neighbors project brought together Jewish and Arab youth water trustees from Israel’s Emek Hefer and Baka el Garbia communities this month to learn about each other’s water reality and environmental problems. The group underwent a series of ODT (Out Door Training) activities that helped them understand, “hands on”, how we can work together and that we have a great deal in common.  The theme of the day was “More Unites Us than Divides Us”.

Earth Day 2018

There is nothing like celebrating Earth Day by going outdoors to experience nature – and to take care of it!  This year, EcoPeace’s water trustees from the Israeli Jordan Valley School’s geography class spent the day on a study tour along sections of the Lower Jordan River, learning about the river’s past glory, it’s present demise, and doing what they can to help on this special day: they brought along garbage bags and cleaned up litter found on the river banks and nearby trails. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:  “Every Bit Counts”!

March 2018

Cross border youth camp at SHE, Jordan

Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian Youth Water Trustees from our Good Water Neighbors project met for a 3-day environmental peacebuilding camp at our Sharhabil bin Hassneh (SHE) EcoPark in Jordan. Activities focused on strengthening solidarity, improving their knowledge on the water reality of their neighbors, and engaging youth in how they can make a difference in their own communities on water issues.  We were pleased to receive feedback that some of them responded that they had a “life-changing experience“.

Cross border youth meeting at “Streaming the Jordan” event

This year, EcoPeace helped organize the “Streaming the Jordan” event in cooperation with the Kinneret Drainage Authority, the Jordan Valley Regional Council, the Nature and Parks Authority, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.   To celebrate World Water Day, EcoPeace held a cross-border meeting between Israeli and Palestinian Youth Water Trustees who underwent two days of training on environmental cooperation as part of the event. The youth learned about the special history of the Jordan River basin, visited the Island of Peace in Naharayim, and the Sea of ​​Galilee. For many of the Palestinian youth this was the first time they visited the Sea of Galilee. The youth also  organized activities at the community fair such as collecting and cooking ‘hubeiza’ and preparing flower crowns, and signs depicting slogans such as “Water Connects Us“.

“Good Water Neighbors” Teachers Seminar, Israel

In the context of our Good Water Neighbors project, a   National Teachers’ Seminar was held this month for geography, history and science teachers from all over Israel. The participants toured the Waste Water Treatment Plant near Shoket in the Hebron River Basin, and learned about the need for cross border cooperation in order to preserve our shared water resources.  This was the second such seminar held this year.

“Good Water Neighbors” Teachers Seminar, Palestine

Our Palestinian staff gathered teachers from all over the West Bank (Yatta, East Bethlehem, Jericho, Auja and Jenin) in Ramallah for a one-day seminar. We introduced EcoPeace’s environmental education project and provided them with tools and skills to enhance their work both in and out of the classroom. The “hands-on” activities that were presented were well received, and teachers expressed their appreciation for this kind of educational interaction.  They are looking forward to the next seminar – and so are we.

EcoPeace at ALLMEP workshop

World Water Day was also marked at the ALLMEP conference, with other peace organizations, where EcoPeace had an opportunity to emphasize the importance of regional cooperation on water issues to promote peace in the region. The UN envoy to the Middle East, Nikolai Mladanov, came to the conference to highlight the importance of civil society organizations in promoting change in the region.

February 2018

Regional Alumni Camp

EcoPeace’s “Good Water Neighbors” youth program held a 3-day cross border workshop for Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli alumni students at our SHE EcoPark this past month.  The workshop addressed our shared water resources, such as the Jordan River), while conducting a host of activities to strengthen their relationships and promote the concept of solidarity.  Students commented saying “activities were effective because we worked as a team” and “our decisions were common and collective“… We are proud to see the future generation create friendships based on their shared environment. That’s how leadership is created.

Regional Youth Water Trustees camp

Another cross border youth meeting was held this month, this one for younger teens, from the Lower Jordan River and Dead Sea communities, from Israel and Jordan. These youth “Water Trustees” learned about the water realities in each of their countries, hiked together in our blossoming EcoPark, learned about the impact of the Syrian refugees in Jordan on the water reality, visited a new purification and pump station in Mensheya, stopped to see the Diversion Weir (dam) on the Yarmouk River and planted trees together to help the reforestation of our EcoPark.  An intense learning experience was had by all, on many fronts.

Exchange youth visit from Japan

Three Japanese girls from the “Kizuna project“, who every summer host Israeli and Palestinian girls from our “Good Water Neighbors” youth program, came to the region this month on a week-long exchange trip. They visited several of our communities and schools, meeting up with alumni and participants from past programs. Together with youth from the Ramot Yam School in Emek Hefer, they painted a wall drawing depicting the relationship between man and the sea, and calling for nature and sea conservation. The message of “Water has no borders” came through loud and clear.  They also visited the participating school in Meitarim, where they learned about composting and the hydroponics system recently installed by EcoPeace.

National Teacher’s Seminar Negev, Israel

EcoPeace’s “Good Water Neighbors” Education program held a daylong training for Geography teachers from all over Israel, with site visits to the Hura Waste Water Treatment Plant and a view of the Green Line at the Rimon Ruins.  Topics covered throughout the day included how to address cross border environmental issues, the role of educators in developing a regional perspective on environmental issues, and finding joint solutions for shared environmental problems.

December 2017

EcoPeace presented at the Israeli Ministry of Education’s Center of Science Education

EcoPeace staff was invited by the Israeli Ministry of Education’s Center of Scientific Education to talk about the geopolitics of water issues in the Middle East.  Taking place near the Jordan River in the town of Beit She’an, the teachers learned about the complexity of shared water resources and understood that Israel can do a lot to help its neighbors and, as a result, gain regional security. Following the lecture, EcoPeace was offered to participate in the sustainable education day in the Israeli Knesset, which we gladly accepted.

Yatta environmental class opens

EcoPeace’s Ramallah staff helped to organize an environmental class in a girls’ school in Yatta (Hebron district), contributing input on topics such as sustainability, water conservation, water recycling and more.  Outdoor trips to water resources, exhibitions of water issues, and lessons from our Environmental Education Resource Guide are all part of the curriculum.  We hope to partner with additional schools in the area to such classes.

October 2017

EcoPeace at “One Young World” Summit – Bogota Columbia

Rotem Weizman, EcoPeace’s Community Coordinator, was chosen to represent Israel at One Young World Summit in Bogota, Colombia. Rotem was chosen as one of the five delegates to present their work during the conference at the Peace & Reconciliation Plenary Session. She was introduced by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos, who also spoke about the importance of Environment and Peace Building and praised EcoPeace’s work both on stage and on Twitter. Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan and other young delegates spoke about their efforts to promote peace around the world.  This is a speech you must listen to.

EcoPeace teaches sustainability at YOCOPAS

On October 27th, as part of the Eastern Mediterranean International School YOCOPAS conference, Rotem Weizman, ‘Good Water Neighbors’ project’s Community Coordinator of the Yarkon Basin, led a workshop for students from around the world about community activism. The students built a drip irrigation bottle garden and learned about how these activities can break language barriers, bring people together and make sustainability accessible to all. In two hours the students changed their school’s entrance from a boring fence to a recycled blooming garden.

Hands of Peace alumni – EcoPeace tour and workshop in P’ki’in

As part of our efforts to build partnerships with like-minded organizations and create a collective impact, Adam Waddell, our Good Water Neighbor’s project Community Coordinator in the Jordan Valley presented EcoPeace’s vision of cross-border environmental dialogue and regional cooperation to a group of Hands of Peace alumni, which held a retreat in P’ki’in, a village located in a mixed Arab-Jewish area where coexistence is a way of life. We both hope to foster continued cooperation between the two organizations.

September 2017

5th Regional Teachers Seminar

For the 5th consecutive year, EcoPeace held a Regional Teacher’s Conference, gathering together Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli educators, teachers and environmental activists to create a platform for teachers to connect across borders, to celebrate the work they are doing, and to learn best practices for incorporating environmental education into the curriculum.  By bringing together education professionals interested in learning more from their peers and colleagues, the conference supports leaders for the next generation. The seminars throughout the weekend, held at our Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan, helped construct a framework for regional water education and classroom strategies for approaching the topic of food and water security. Underlying all of the seminars was the assertion that there is a need for more water diplomacy.  Read more in our blog post.

New Hydroponics system in Youth Village

For the new upcoming school year, EcoPeace’s Community Coordinator in the Emek Hefer area, Nadav Tal, together with 9th graders from the Hadassah Ne’urim Youth Village School built a hydroponic system.  As a ‘deep water culture’ facility this hydroponic system is different from previously build hydroponic systems.  The students took part in a study program where they learned how to monitor the concentration of the hydroponic fertilizer in the storage tank while measuring the growth of the plants. This teaches the students how to reduce resources and maintain water-efficient agriculture that can be maintained on the walls and roofs of buildings. They will continue to monitor results throughout the year, and share their findings with their peers.

August 2017

Japan Seminar for Girls

Several Palestinian and Israeli female graduates of EcoPeace’s educational program were invited to participate in the Kizuno project camp in Japan, hosted by “Peace Field Japan“. The girls learned and experienced the culture of Satoyama – an agricultural culture that has existed in Japan’s forested regions for hundreds of years and is considered a model of sustainable relations between humans and the environment. The group returned to their communities with a new understanding of environment and culture.

Girls Seminar at our Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark

During the last days of the summer holiday EcoPeace held a special gathering that brought together young Jordanian and Israeli women. The gathering focused on empowering the women as environmental leaders in their respective communities. The women toured our Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan, and learned about different topics such as water in the Middle East, women environmental leaders in the area and the world, the water issues in Gaza and the Dead Sea and EcoPeace’s suggested solutions. They also experienced doing local crafts and making ‘seed balls’ as part of a sustainable agriculture workshop.

“Neighbor’s Path” Tour for Israeli Geography Teachers

Mid-August wasn’t too hot for senior Geography teachers in Israel to venture out and learn first-hand about transboundary water issues in the Besor-Wadi Gaza Basin.  Starting from Beer Sheva, driving west to outlooks over the Gaza strip, the teachers heard about the history of water in the area – from biblical times to today. The teachers discussed the complex issues of the water and sanitation crisis in Gaza and how it is impacting Israel. The tour demonstrated the educational value of study tours to understand that water and sewage have no borders, and that there is an interdependency between neighbors in the basin which can’t be ignored.

ALLMEP Alumni Fair

EcoPeace was excited to join ALLMEP‘s first “Peace Programs Alumni Fair”. EcoPeace staff was joined by several “Water Trustees” Alumni who shared their experiences in their years’ of participation in our “Good Water Neighbors” program. We also presented our work in general and how our alumni stay engaged. We offered simple solutions for alumni of other programs to continue spreading the message of environmental peacebuilding through introducing our “Neighbor’s Paths” and offering them to join our ongoing activities.

July 2017

Regional Alumni seminar

The heat of July in the Jordan Valley didn’t discourage EcoPeace young leaders from Palestine, Jordan and Israel to meet together and learn about the complexities of water issues in the Middle East and explore the solutions that EcoPeace suggests. The young leaders are Water Trustee Alumni who grew up, some from the age of 13, in the Good Water Neighbor project in their local community.  Equipped with background on their local water problems and vision for a sustainable future, the youth discussed their model of environmental leadership. They analyzed how water has affected regional trends, such as women’s place in society, climate change and conflict. They went on to assess how EcoPeace’s projects, such as the Jordan River Master Plan and the Water Energy Nexus initiative, can address regional challenges and aspire to a better future. The Alumni also developed activity stations and a special treasure hunt to explore the environmental aspects of the SHE EcoPark.  At the graduation ceremony Mr. Munqeth Meyhar, Jordanian EcoPeace Director, congratulated the young leaders and said they give him hope for a better future in the Middle East. Read more in this blog written by one of the Alumni.

June 2017

Presentation to Israel Geography Teachers

EcoPeace Middle East Israeli Hydrologist, Nadav Tal, was honored to be the opening speaker at the Annual Israeli Geography Teachers Conference.  Nadav’s one hour lecture on “Water in the Middle East – Geopolitical issues in light of climate change and developing needs”, presented to the teachers current water issues such as the decrease in rainfall in the north of Israel in the last few years, the state of the Sea of Galilee, changes in the water sector following desalination and water reuse and opportunities for regional cooperation. He also presented innovative ideas for the future such as the Water-Energy Nexus and the results of a new study on Food Security.  Certainly a lot of water for thought!

Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Two “Water Trustees” from the ‘Ort Mekif Aravi’ Ramle School, from the Good Water Neighbors project’s Yarkon Basin, Ranadi Abu Rizak and Shirin Abu Riash, won the Stockholm Water Prize for small research projects. They were presented with the Certificate by the Biology Officer of the Ministry of Education. The two students used the hydroponic system that was built as part of the Good Water Neighbors project (featured in the last 2 newsletters) to research hydroponic lettuce growth.  Needless to say, EcoPeace applauds their efforts for this innovative research on water conservation and are very proud of their achievement.

Tours and Lectures to U.S. students

Last week, EcoPeace’s Community Coordinator from Emek Hefer, Israel, took a group of students from the Sabra Institute from New York City to see the water reality in the Alexander Watershed. The students were exposed for the first time to cross border pollution issues and began to understand the complex reality and the need for cooperation with the other side.  We are pleased at what Mr. Irving Safdieh, the President of the Institute said following the tour: “the experience really opened the eyes of our students to a side of multi ethnic cooperation they did not know before”.  EcoPeace looks forward to leading additional groups such as this one – to be able to open more eyes that can understand the complex reality in the region, and the need for environmental peace.

On June 20th, Palestinian and Israeli Good Water Neighbors staff, Malek Abualfailat and Rotem Weizman, gave a joint lecture to students from the Tulane University at Hebrew University’s Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace about the Good Water Neighbors Project. They discussed the achievements as well as the struggles of working on community initiatives under conflict, stressing the importance of environmental peacebuilding and the opportunities it can bring to the region.

Emek Hefer / Baka Gharbia Youth day

As a special final event in the Good Water Neighbor’s program this school year, EcoPeace staff took youth Water Trustees from the ‘Ramot Yam’ School in Emek Hefer, to meet the youth Water Trustees from the neighboring community of Baka el Gharbia. For some of the Jewish students, it was the first time they met Arab youth, learning about the month of Ramadan, as well as the difficult environmental problems facing Baka el Gharbia, their neighbor.

May 2017

New Hydroponics system installed in Kefar Bara

12 young women from Kefar Bara, in the Yarkon Basin, underwent an environmental course with EcoPeace Community Coordinator, Mohamad Biadsi in the context of their “Community Service Year”.  Their end of year activity was building a hydroponic system from 60 plastic bottles on the gate of the community center in Kefar Bara, showcasing low-tech water saving techniques and an innovative way to reuse plastic bottles.  This activity was in partnership with the Ecological Greenhouse at Ein Shemer.

More hydroponics!

On May 29th, the Meitarim high school held an inauguration ceremony attended by the head of the Meitar local council for the new hydroponic system donated by EcoPeace. The system enables the students to conduct research and deepen their knowledge on environmental issues. The students talked about their achievements in environmental education, future plans and prepared a vegetable salad from vegetables they grew in the hydroponic system!

Girls camp Ein Carem 2017
Ein Carem
Regional youth medforval camp
hydroponic system

April 2017

Young Female Environmental Leadership Camp – Ein Karem

A young female environmental leadership seminar was held in Ein Karem, near Jerusalem, this month.  A group of Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli girls from different communities participated and stayed in the ‘St. John in the Mountain’ Monastery. They took part in planting activities, toured in nearby Ein Rafa with a local female urban planner and community leader. This was followed by a women’s leadership workshop about environmental leaders such as Koenjari Matay, Rachel Carson and Jane Goodall. The participants analyzed the leadership attributes of these environmental icons, such as courage, belief, empathy and persistence. The camp concluded with creative writing and reflections in the beautiful area of the Monastery.

Regional Youth Camp – MEDFORVAL

A 3-day regional workshop was held this month in the context of the MEDFORVAL project at our Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan – with Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli youth.  Over the 3 days, the students took part in several activities that focused on biodiversity and its impact on the environment. They were given tools to understand the importance of environmental sustainability in our region. They toured the EcoPark and learned about forestation, biodiversity and solid waste management. They performed tasks about biodiversity and vegetation, helped clean the EcoPark while separating the waste to be collected for recycling and designed slogans to emphasize the need to protect the environment. Read more in this blog.

New Hydroponic System Installed

As part of the Youth Water Trustees training in the Besor-Hebron Basin, EcoPeace installed a hydroponic system at the Meitarim Branko Weiss High School. The 8th grade science class together with their teacher and Ecopeace community coordinator Shlomit Tamari, planted tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, beets, and other vegetables.  The students learned how to check the fertilizers’ rates in the water by measuring the water’s electric conductivity. Thanks to the new system, the students can perform different experiments and enjoy a salad made from the vegetables they grow themselves.  A hydroponic system can be placed on walls, balconies and roofs, and uses 11 times less water than a normal vegetable garden. Eyal Barkan, Farmit agronomist, installed the system and taught the students about its different usages.

WWD teachers in Besor
Regional youth March 2017
besor bridge youth
regional youth camp
youth in SHE
Natl Teachers seminar

March 2017

World Water Day Activities

Consul General Donald Blome visited our Auja EcoCenter to learn more about the work environmental organizations are doing throughout the West Bank. He was very impressed by our work with the EcoPark and was introduced to a group of students studying solar energy from the Palestine Technical University in Tulkarm. Watch Consul General Donald Blome’s experience in his own words.

EcoPeace’s Community Coordinator of the Besor watershed held a national teacher’s training to mark World Water Day for 21 teachers from all over Israel. The teacher’s expressed great interest in issues of water and trans-boundary cooperation and were motivated to learn more on the importance of environmentalism coupled with peacebuilding activities.

Cross Border Events with our Youth Water Trustees!

March was a busy month for EcoPeace’s youth ‘Water Trustees’. The month kicked off on March 11th with youth Water Trusees from the Israeli/Palestinian Yarkon/Qana watershed participating in a cross border event at the Qana Nature reserve. Through playing games, enjoying nature, and engaging in discussions, the students learned about the joint problems in the basin, the concept of a shared water resource, and the importance of cooperation.

Then on March 17th, youth Water Trustees from Yatta, Palestine visited their cross-border peers at Kibbutz Ze’elim in Israel. After a full day was spent discussing environment and water issues, they crossed a foot suspension bridge with water as a symbol to represent their shared water resources.

Finally, with spring in full bloom in the Jordan Valley, EcoPeace held a large cross border event from March 23rd to 25th that included three of our watersheds. As the weather was beautiful, the youth spent all their time outdoors, starting with icebreaking games for the students to get to know each of their shared watersheds. They spent the second day in the Amoud Valley learning about the environment and geology of that area through water footprint activities and recognizing the diverse flora and fauna. On Saturday, the youth participated in the third annual “Streaming to the Jordan” event of which EcoPeace was one of the event organizers. The event consisted of a communal walk along the banks of the rehabilitated Lower Jordan River, followed by a festive gathering of the local community with music, food, and activities for the whole family, part of which was run by our students.

National Teacher Training in Israel

On March 15th, EcoPeace held a national teacher’s training in Israel to help familiarize geography teachers with our Resource Guide for Environmental Educators. The teachers and members of EcoPeace’s staff visited the Meitarim border crossing and Beer Sheva stream to better understand the complexity of shared water management, the area’s water heritage, relations between the city and stream, and the importance of teachers as environmental leaders. They also discussed ways to incorporate relevant questions from EcoPeace’s work to students’ final exams in High School.

February 2017

Ein-Gedi “Alumni” Youth Camp

EcoPeace’s Good Water Neighbors project gathered together 22 youth for a regional “Alumni Water Trustees” camp in Ein Gedi earlier this month. They came together to learn about the Dead Sea and its lack of water, the challenges that need to be dealt with in the area, and then did a practical exercise; leading a “Neighbors Trail” hike in the area where they were the ones giving the presentations and developing the discussions.  Read a blog written by one of our interns about her experience in this Youth Water Trustees Camp.

Ein Gedi also houses one of EcoPeace’s EcoParks  (others include the Auja EcoCenter in Palestine and the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan). Here in Ein Gedi, environmental education focuses on sustainable practices in a dry, desert atmosphere, including mud building, solar cooking, water conservation techniques and more. A new feature is our greenhouse that grows many organic vegetables – enough so that the park can provide lunch to the local elderly community!

Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark had a busy month!

If you happened to be at the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark (SHE) this month, you would have seen incredible action!    (1) The EcoPark was the chosen site for the Nahj Training & Development NGO to hold their leadership skills workshop; (2) the EcoPark hosted a 2-day seminar for several Jordanian and Palestinian “Alumni” of our Good Water Neighbors program that included cleanup campaigns and activities related to environmental awareness; (3) a one-week retreat for a group of American CIEE study abroad students in cooperation with Jordan University, who are here studying Arabic and engaging in community service in Jordan.  They visited the municipality, the local schools, and enjoyed their time with the local Bedouins as well; and (4) an amazing 2,500 visitors that came to picnic and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere last Friday. The SHE EcoPark is clearly “on the map” in Jordan!

January 2017

National Teacher’s Seminar in Jordan

Our Amman office organized a National Teacher’s seminar at Sharhabil bin Hasseneh EcoPark  from January 5th to 7th with seventy teachers participating in the event.  The seminar focused on best methods for knowledge transfer of environmental issues to students. Teachers shared experiences of working with students and were presented with the EcoPeace’s Resource Guide for Environmental Education’s methodology on how to raise awareness on water issues. With the help of our Community Coordinators, they became familiarized with the systematic approach of the guide before actively participating in activities outlined in the text.

Chinese Students’ Visit

On January 17th our Community Coordinator from the Alexander Stream took a group of 60 students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Beijing University on a tour in Emek Hefer. They were introduced to the issues that face the Alexander/Zomer Basin, and to EcoPeace’s activities in the Basin. Students were also given a presentation on cross-border environmental initiatives.

Youth Water Trustees at Ort Mekif Aravi Ramle School

On Monday, January 23rd, 37 students of the Ort Mekif Aravi Ramle Youth Water Trustee’s program inaugurated a new hydroponic system on the school’s grounds. All students will be able to use the system as a tool towards understanding water conservation and conducting experiments as part of the school’s environmental studies course. During the ceremony, the students described the system’s design to the National Environmental Studies Supervisor, Ms. Sarah Zaoui.

Then, on January 24th, Youth Water Trustees went on a field trip to the Yarkon Basin as part of the Good Water Neighbors Project. The day began with a tour of the Shafdan wastewater treatment plant, where students learned about reclaimed water. The plant currently treats 370,000 m3/d of municipal wastewater from a population of over two million in the Greater Tel Aviv area and uses its secondary effluent as irrigation water in the arid southern part of Israel. The group later visited Seven Mills in the Yarkon Park, where they learned about the history of the basin from the late 19th century until today, and visited the nearby constructed wetlands to learn more about the Yarkon Rehabilitation plan.

Regional Youth Camp Dec 2016
cross border youth camp

December 2016

Cross Border Regional Youth camp 
A regional youth camp took place at our Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan as part of the MEDFORVAL Project Program. Participants from Jordan, Israel and Palestine had the opportunity to gain and share knowledge about Forests Protection and Biodiversity. On the first day, after engaging in social activities, participants learned about the unique bio-geography of the region. On the second day they went on a lengthy tour of the EcoPark and learned how to undertake an ecological survey witnessing first-hand the EcoPark area’s habitats and biodiversity. On the last day the group was taught how to differentiate between exotic and endemic species.

Israeli Palestinian girls at Kaser el Yehud
Girls at Kaser el Yehud

Women’s Empowerment at Kaser el Yehud
A group of Israeli female ‘Water Trustees’ came to meet Palestinian female ‘Water Trustees’ at the Kaser el Yehud baptism site on the Lower Jordan River. The girls were divided into 3 groups, and each was assigned to study a different time period of the River: past, present and future. The ‘historians’ learned that the water in the River Jordan was once so abundant that boats were lost in its strong flow! The group researching the present saw pilgrims at the site being baptized in polluted water and were shocked that this is permitted, and the ‘fortune tellers’ drew a picture of the river slowly  coming back to life The girls presented their short research to a group of tourists who were visiting the site, ending with the song written a few months earlier “We Will Change It“. Holding hands in a circle before their farewell, each participant choose a word that she will take with her from the day: hope, love, trust, cooperation, friends, future. What a nice way to say goodbye!  Read more in our blog “Girl Power at the Jordan River”.

Israeli Palestinians at Shoket WWTP

Cross Border Youth Visit between Hebron and Bsor communities
In yet another cross border activity this month, this time focusing on the Hebron / Be’er Sheva watershed, youth from the Negev area in Israel braved the rainy weather forecast and greeted their Palestinian counterparts from the upstream village of Yatta. Luckily, the skies cleared up, and the group was able to visit the wastewater catchment facility located near the Green Line, between their communities.
The second part of the day took place near the Beer Sheva Stream, at the Freedom Bell Park, where participants heard the bell ringing and reflected that it sounded like a call for “every one of us to take part in the rehabilitation of the River”.

Good Water Neighbor Youth Acitivity

November 2016

Joint Palestinian-Israeli Youth Environmental Training Day
On November 25th Palestinian and Israeli youth from Auja and the Lower Jordan River participated in environmental activities at the Baptism Site on the River Jordan. This event is part of EcoPeace’s Good Water Neighbors project and a new initiative funded by the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem.

Participants had the opportunity to partake in outdoor training activities and learn about the Jordan River and about water issues through direct interaction. The group also participated in a humus workshop to learn about “virtual water” in food. 

YOCOPAS workshop
yocapas event

October 2016

Another Year at YOCOPAS!
Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian alumni and Youth Water Trustee’s from our Good Water Neighbors project, participated for a second year in the Regional Youth Conference for Peace and Sustainability (YOCOPAS) held from October 26th to 28th at the Eastern Mediterranean International School on Hakfar Hayarok, a youth village and educational campus in the center of Israel. On the second day of the conference, EcoPeace Community Coordinators, from the three offices, led a workshop and simulation exercise about shared water resources between Palestine, Israel and Jordan. The students were divided into three groups simulating the three parties and discussed each side’s water allocation and water demands while taking into consideration the other’s needs. This helped the students learn of creative but realistic solutions to meet the needs of the region but still suit the lifestyles of those involved, providing a win-win situation that aids in peacebuilding efforts by sharing common resources.

Jenin Alumna

Alumni Hard at Work
Good Water Neighbors alumni are taking their work to the next level. A former Youth Water Trustee and now participant in the alumni program established her own group of Youth Water Trustees in Jenin. She has been working hard at garnering interest and participants in her community and has held 3 meetings so far. She even contacted the village council to get permission to work in the council’s hall and garden with the trustees. Additionally, an Israeli alumna participated in the Women Wage Peace rally and spent the day with Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee. She gave an insightful lecture & discussion about EcoPeace while traveling to the different locales throughout the day.

Emek Hefer Festival

August 2016

“Water Has No Borders” – at Emek Hefer Festival
The annual ‘Bridges over the Stream’ festival was held in Emek Hefer this month, with EcoPeace Youth “Water Trustees” constructing and manning an EcoPeace booth. The festival included several days of art and music activities held on the banks of the Alexander River. Our message of “Water Has No Borders” was displayed at the entrance to the festival and served as a great conversation starter for the hundreds of residents and visitors that attended.

Community Tree Planting in Madaba Jordan

Tree Planting in Madaba, Jordan
As part of the Good Water Neighbors project, we are maintaining and building new eco-facilities in all of our communities. In Madaba, Jordan, in cooperation with the municipality, Youth Water Trustees planted some 50 Carob trees alongside the main tourist road in the city. A large campaign was conducted in order to include the public and increase their participation. Shop owners on the road were very pleased, saying “… these trees that were planted today do not belong only to the municipality…. they are ours, and it is up to us to protect them and water them. Thank you so much for this activity”.

Regional Teachers Seminar Jordan 2016

July 2016

Regional Teachers Seminar

From July 26th to 28th, EcoPeace held its annual Good Water Neighbors Regional Teachers’ Seminar at our Sharhabil bin Hassneh (SHE) EcoPark in Jordan. During these three days of discussion and interaction, study groups analyzed cross border water issues related to the Dead SeaJordan River and Gaza. The group also enjoyed numerous excursions in and around the SHE EcoPark. We thank all the teachers and educators for participating!

GWN Alumni Graduation

GWN Youth Alumni Graduation
On July 19th, ten Israeli Youth Water Trustee alumni joined together to celebrate graduating from the Good Water Neighbors (GWN) program and to reflect on their past few years’ of involvement. To celebrate, the alumni participated in a team building activity at the climbing wall in HaYarkon Park, where Israeli Education Coordinator Amy Lipman-Avizohar instructed them to think about all the obstacles they have overcome and achievements they have made as they climbed the tower together. After the fun activities in the park, the group joined Director Gidon Bromberg for a graduation ceremony, where each alumnus discussed what they gained through participating in the GWN program and received a certificate of appreciation. Congratulations to all!

Youth at Alumot Dam, Jordan Valley

June 2016

Youth Water Trustees Explore Neighbors’ Paths
Good Water Neighbors Youth Water Trustees from Bet Yerach High School in the Jordan Valley Regional Council wrapped up their school year with a Neighbors’ Path Tour. The main stops included the Water Authority’s Sapir Pumping Station at the Sea of Galilee, the Bitaniya Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Chagal Waste Dump. The group of teenagers discussed the regional strategic importance of the Sea of Galilee, the importance of water treatment and recycling, and the impact of sub-group water sources, and enjoyed a tour that was both educational and entertaining.

Cross border youth camp

May 2016

Cross Border Youth Activities
On May 30th, Israeli and Palestinian youth who live around the Alexander / Zomer watershed participated in an afternoon outdoors to experience their local and diverse array of flora, fauna, and marine life as well as learn about the environmental threats to the basin and discuss the shared responsibility to protect common resources. Students toured Israel Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center where they learned about the turtle’s habitat, they then took their own chemical tests for water quality, and discussed how their communities impact one another. At the end of the day, the students made posters showing their joint support for a cleaner watershed which will be presented to the Head of the Regional Council in June.

Jordan Valley cross border youth
Dead Sea Heart poster

April 2016

Successful Youth Camps Held in the Jordan Valley and at the Dead Sea
April heralded the completion of not one but two successful Good Water Neighbors (GWN) regional youth camps in the Jordan Valley Basin.

After the success of last year’s “Streaming to the Jordan”, a community-wide environmental event held on the banks of the Jordan River, it was decided to couple this year’s event with a regional youth camp. This match was notable on two levels. First, that both Israeli and Jordanian Youth Water Trustees were exposed to the colorful spectrum of their cross border community, in an environment prime with awareness, education and fun. And secondly, it was an opportunity for residents of the Jordan Valley to see and talk with their neighbors; a too-rare occasion. For the youth camp, this was not only the main event: the days prior to the event were also filled with action, with the opening of a new walking path in Naharayim, and a memorable trip to Haifa. A sense of empowerment and cooperation filled the days with enjoyment.

Additionally, the Dead Sea youth camp was exciting and inspiring, when Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian Youth Water Trustees met each other and learned of the many things they have in common. Together they hiked to a well and spring and felt the importance of water in the desert. In the evening, the discussion around the bonfire was emotional with everyone speaking of the importance for saving the Dead Sea, learning about each other’s communities and how the demise of the sea influences many of their lives. At the end of the camp, participants expressed themselves through a magnificent drawing of a man with the Dead Sea representing his heart. The collaborative drawing done by the youth emphasized the need for joint cooperation in order to save the sea and reflects the dedication and hope towards finding an environmental solution.

Battir Teachers Seminar
Battir Teachers Seminar

Battir National Teachers’ Seminar
On Saturday, April 23, 40 teachers from the Ministry of Education offices in Salfit and Tulkarem met for a national teachers’ seminar to introduce the group to the Good Water Neighbors Resource Guide. The event was held in Battir for environmental educators and included a tour to the Battir Landscape Eco-Museum as a part of introducing the teachers to the cultural and environmental heritage of the area.

Additionally, the two municipalities of Baka Al Gharbia and Baka Al Sharkia had two busy days on May 30th and 31st.  Youth from Baka Al Sharkia attended a cross border event in Baka Al Gharbia and took part in clean-up activities, planting vegetation and learning more about local environmental issues. On the 31st, our local Community Coordinator organized an environmental conference for the local area with mayors, school principals and teachers in attendance.


cross border youth camp jordan

March 2016

Cross-border Youth Camp in Jordan
Jordanian and Israeli Students met at the Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan from March 17-19 for a cross-border youth camp. The camp highlighted better management of domestic solid waste issues. The students also learned about their shared water resources and challenges. Alumni participated by presenting solid waste issues in their communities. All the participants went on a hike through the EcoPark to take in the breathtaking springtime views and learn more about the three R’s; Recycling, Reuse, and Reduce.

Baka Gharbia Clean up
emek hefer parade

Good Water Neighbors (GWN) – Clean Water Awareness Activities in Emek Hefer and Baka Al Gharbia
15 Good Water Neighbor water trustees and alumni from Baka Al Gharbia participated in a local cleanup day on March 2nd to help promotemore awareness of the need to keep streams clean for the benefit of all. Participants spent a long day picking up trash so that local visitors could continue to enjoy outdoor activities.

Additionally, six youth water trustee’s represented EcoPeace on March 11th in the Emek Hefer Regional Council’s Annual March. The event included a winding hike through citrus groves with different “stations” along the way. Our Water Trustee’s station taught numerous school children and residents about their local cross border stream and the joint efforts needed to keep it pollution free and clean. 

Jerusalem Girls activity
Jerusalem girls meeting

Girls from East and West Jerusalem Explore the Jerusalem Hills 
On March 20th, 10 Israeli and 10 Palestinian teenage girls met as part of the Good Water Neighbors project to explore the blossoming Jerusalem Hills. The group spent the day outside exploring their common cultural landscape, where nature and culture are intertwined in the mountain springs, which were the only constant source of water for the region until the early 20th century. The girls spent the day hiking among the Sataf pools, water canals and cultivated terraces while trying to imagine what it was like to live there in the past.

During a picnic lunch, one of the girls told stories of her past EcoPeace related trip to Japan. At the end of the day, everyone attended a soap-making workshop at Es-Sense; a local educational-productive enterprise where students from the regional high schools create products working alongside special needs’ youth from all over Jerusalem.

Israel National Teachers Seminar

National Teacher Seminars
EcoPeace has held numerous teacher seminars over the past three months in Shefar’am, Taibeh and Beer Sheva to introduce teachers to the GWN Resource Guide for Environmental Educators. They learned about the geography of cross-border water basins as well as creative projects they could use to connect their own students to regional water issues.

Several of the seminars even included a tour to a basin, which highlighted environmental issues affecting local water resources and showed the educators the importance of cross-border cooperation in solving environmental problems. 

Youth Camp in SHE Jordan
Youth camp night activity

February 2016

Regional Youth Camp in Jordan

On February 5th and 6th, the Good Water Neighbors (GWN) project organized a regional youth camp at the Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan. The participants consisted of alumni and youth from the Jordan Valley, Irbid, Kishon and Muqata watersheds. They learned about the importance of cross-border cooperation and environmental peacebuilding while hiking and enjoying the beauty of the area at this time of year. As one camper put it “The camp gave an added value to studying in class because it connected us to water and ecology, finding out about ourselves and others that broke stereotypes and prejudice, because it is the first time we are with different people from us.

Youth Camp in SHE Jordan

January 2016

“Good Water Neighbors” (GWN) Cross Border Youth Camp 
GWN cross border youth camp was held at the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark in Jordan from January 14th to 16th with 32 Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli participants. The camp began with introductory “ice breaking” games to get the youth acquainted with each other.On the second day, the group had fun hiking the hills above the Ziglab Dam and held an outdoor barbeque lunch.

The camp was a great experience for all, demonstrating that even in these difficult times we are able to bring youth together to better understand the water reality of each side and become strong advocates for a more just and sustainable water future.