Regional Youth Meetings

The “Youth Water Trustees” have the opportunity to go on two types of camps; Cross Border between neighboring communities in the same water basin, and regional. The camps bring youths of different cultures and backgrounds from the Good Water Neighbors communities together to talk about their shared environmental issues.

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Cross Border Water Basin Meetings:

– Enable kids to get out of the classroom and interact with their environment and their peers.

– Allow the youth to create the connections, be critical, develop creative thinking skills, and more.

– Involve structured discussion, simulations, role play, field research, model building, and hazard mapping, all building towards a better understanding of their waterbasin.

Regional camps bring “youth water trustees” from all GWN communities in the region together for an environmental camp.

These camps:

– Educate youth across shared watersheds about the interdependent nature of their water resources.

– Instigate the youths’ involvement in solution orientated cross-border environmental cooperation.

– Connect “Youth Water Trustees” from different communities and break stereotypes in order to form relationships as the basis for a new generation of environmental peace-builders, committed to cross-border cooperation in addressing shared environmental concerns.

– Give every single student an opportunity otherwise not available to them: to meet their neighbors across the border. Cross border visits tend to begin with youth having reservations about their counterparts, including insecurities, language barriers, etc., and invariably end up with breaking down the stereotyped character so embedded in our cultures. Youth left each cross border camp with a deep and mutual understanding of our shared environment and water resources, and newly made friends.

EcoPeace sees these camps as the building blocks to a future peace process. By creating friendships across borders around a vital issue such as sustainability, we are building a generation who are skilled in communicating with, and trusting, their neighbour, as well as committed to improving their environment and the lives of others.

Apply Now to be a 2019-2020 EcoPeace Youth Trustee.  EcoPeace Youth Trustees is a regional program to train and support young people who are passionate about the environment and believe in regional cooperation.  Read more about the opportunity and apply now at the Water Diplomacy Site. You can also can apply directly through this link: