Video Clips

The following are video clips that relate to EcoPeace’s work with Youth, in the context of the ‘Good Water Neighbors’ project.

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View this video for a good introduction to our Youth program in the Good Water Neighbors project:

– EcoPeace / Friends of the Earth Middle East – EcoPeace’s first video in 2011, describing the organization, our Good Water Neighbors Project, and in specific, youth Water Trustees work in the Community GIS project.  Filmed on location in Jordan, Israel and Palestine, this 14 minute video gives a good background to the type of work we do.

View these videos of Youth Water Trustee activities:

– We Will Change It! – in June 2016, Good Water Neighbors Youth Water Trustees gathered at the Baptism Sites on both sides of the Jordan River, calling for action to rehabilitate the River Jordan, singing “We will, we will, change it”!

– Local Love Story (Jordan River Song) – in June 2013, youth from EcoPeace’s Good Water Neighbors project that live along the banks of the Lower Jordan River – Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians – sing a song they helped to write, about the River Jordan….

– Global Water Dance – in June 2011, youth from EcoPeace’s “Good Water Neighbors” project, joined together with Global Water Dances in a community engaged dance performance on the banks of the Jordan River. Global Water Dance is a world-wide event that brings awareness to water issues through the art of dance, and included 33 participating countries from around the world.

– Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian Youths Become “Eco-builders” at Kibbutz Lotan
The sound track is from BBC Radio’s ‘Three Counties Melting Pot with Ian Pearce’ report by Judi Herman.
The workshop brought together 120 youth and EcoPeace field staff from 17 communities across Israel, Jordan and Palestine. Participants all had the chance to get completely covered in mud and share a great time together, while learning how to build with mud and recycled materials, create geodesic domes and dance Dabke-style. By the end of the weekend everyone was sad to be saying goodbye to new friends but at the same time excited to go home and get started on building projects with friends in their own communities, putting into practice the skills learned during the workshop.