Youth Education

The “Good Water Neighbors” project aims to raise awareness about the shared water problems between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians and to improve the water realities in the region. On the youth educational level, the project utilizes the transboundary water problems as a meeting platform to create positive interaction amongst youth of the region.

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Our message is based on four principles of the transboundary issue of water:

1. Water is a natural, mobile resource: water flows over and beneath political borders

2. The right to water and sanitation are basic human rights and not a consumer product

3. It is vital to ensure the continued existence of water resources and protect the ecological system

4. Water disputes must be resolved peacefully through mediation among the involved parties


Youth are in the formative years of identity consolidation and establishing their place in various groups of belonging.  Experiential learning on regional environmental issues allows them to expand their sense of belonging to include their immediate environment’s watershed and its diverse complexities. Deepening the ties and exposure to the water basins’ complex environmental reality encourages them to ask questions, examine interconnections, and promote critical thinking about things considered obvious, normative and unchangeable. An important component throughout this educational journey is the presentation of great challenges as opportunities for improvement and change, chances for dialogue and interaction, and a means of attaining constructive cooperation with neighboring communities who are coping with the very same issues beyond the border. No, the process isn’t easy. It’s paved with obstacles and hurdles of a cultural and political nature, but acquiring knowledge and increasing awareness, integrated with personal and practical experience and experimentation, develop activist capabilities in our youth.

Click here to see EcoPeace’s own Environment Education Policy Paper (in English / in Hebrew / in Arabic), outlining our approach to the subject of Regional Environment Education.


EcoPeace’s ‘Good Water Neighbors’ project is supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and USAID West Bank/Gaza CMM