Bottom Up

Youth gathering at SHE EcoPark

Our bottom-up approach is about educating local constituencies to call for, and lead, necessary cross-border solutions to regional water issues.

Despite the ongoing conflict, bottom-up programing facilitates the advancement of community interests in cross-border environmental solutions.

The following are our projects that fall under this bottom-up category:

Good Water Neighbors

Our “Community Involvement” and “Youth Education” projects are two components of our Good Water Neighbors (GWN) project. Initiated in 2001, the GWN program remains EcoPeace’s flagship program for environmental peacebuilding, whereby we create local constituencies that empower youth, adult residents, mayors and other municipal officials to call for and lead necessary cross-border solutions to regional water issues.

Jordan River Faith-Based Initiatives

The Jordan River’s symbolic significance in many religions provides a direct opportunity for faith-based engagement in rehabilitation efforts both within local communities across the region and internationally. Through this faith based component of our Jordan River project, we aim to create local and international faith based constituencies that empower clergy and members to call for and lead Jordan River rehabilitation efforts.


Our EcoCenter is a place where local, regional and international youth and tourists can come together to learn about and experience the shared environment.