Top Down

research reports

EcoPeace’s top-down programs are based on research, on the publication of policy briefs, and on the holding of events that highlight the national self-interest of each side in advancing our policy recommendations.

Mutual gain is the focus and goal of our advocacy work vis-a-vis decision makers at the regional and international levels.

The following are our projects that fall under this top-down category:

Water Cannot Wait

The water crises that Gaza faces, water scarcity in the West Bank, and unprecedented levels of pollution, highlight to both the Palestinian and the Israeli public that water allocation and management issues can no longer be held hostage to other final status Israeli Palestinian peace process issues.

The Jordan Valley and Dead Sea

Much due to conflict in the Middle East, the Jordan River has seen some 95% of its fresh water diverted, much of its flow polluted, and biodiversity lost. The demise of the Jordan River together with the actions of the mineral extraction companies in Israel and Jordan have led to the dramatic destruction of the Dead Sea, into which the Jordan River flows. Here, we seek the implementation in part or in full of the Jordan Valley NGO Master Plan and seek to change practices of the mineral extraction industry on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Water Energy Nexus (WEN)

To create an Israeli/Palestinian/Jordanian Water Energy community that borrows from European experience in creating healthy resource interdependencies that augment national security.